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Children's Fashion: Condor

Children's Fashion: Condor

I have a strong love for vintage styles on tiny people: pinafores, bonnets, knee-high socks.

Speaking of socks, finding socks that fit a newborn, and that actually stay on, is no easy feat (no pun intended). Condor caught my eye when shopping for tiny baby socks because they offer a wide range of sizes. In the past, any socks or tights I purchased that claimed to be for itty bitty babies would be greatly oversized on mine. Imagine my joy when I discovered Condor's 0-3 month sized socks that actually fit my 0-3 month old! They offer sizes for newborns all the way up to 14-year-old sizes.

In addition to offering an assortment of sizes, Condor tights and knee-high socks come in a rainbow of shades - all simple and beautifully made. You are guaranteed to find something you love.

Condor in every color
Condor in every color

Condor is a children's fashion brand committed to quality and the comfort of children. Based out of Barcelona, Spain, Condor has been creating children's clothing since 1898! Meaning they have spent many, many years perfecting children's accessories. They incorporate a wide variety of materials when creating their products, including linen, cotton, silk, and bamboo. Their tights and knee-high socks come in a wide variety of hues and make for a beautiful and streamlined fashion statement for girls and boys alike.

They are the perfect for every little one! Grab a pair or two at The Baby Cubby today!

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