City Mini GT Anniversary Edition Review

City Mini GT Anniversary Edition Review

2018 just gave us another reason to look forward to a new year-- The Baby Jogger City Mini GT Anniversary Edition. Celebrating 10 years, Baby Jogger has released a limited edition of their City Mini and their City Mini GT, and we are loving all of the new features and upgrades!

The limited edition City Mini GT is going to come with a lot of the same features that made mamas fall in love with the original Baby Jogger City Mini GT. It's a lightweight and easy-to-store stroller that makes it super convenient for mamas to travel with, or take around with you if you're a city fam toting around your wheels. The one-handed fold is just about the best thing any stroller can have. Along with the compact fold, the option to remove all three tires, if you need to, just makes the GT a dream for mamas on the go!

A couple of features that are new to the Anniversary Edition of the GT are the upgraded fabric that's softer and more padded than the standard City Mini, and the leather accents on the harness and strap covers--giving it another level of style and luxe that is so hard to resist, mama! It also includes the belly bar, which is just one less accessory that you'll need to purchase to make it your all-around perfect ride. You can easily detach the bar, and it has a couple different heights so it can best fit your babe's needs.

With the large canopy and the deep recline, your babe can totally ride in comfort and snooze while you're out. You also have two windows on the canopy, and a vent window on the seat to make sure you can keep an eye on your little from every angle. And to make sure you have a smoother ride, the Anniversary Edition comes with all-terrain, foam-filled tires and added suspension to absorb impact and make the ride more comfortable for your babe on any surface.

Just like the traditional, the City Mini GT Anniversary Edition has an adjustable handlebar that can accommodate different heights and a super convenient hand brake that saves your toes. Also, it gives you the option to lock your front wheel so you can stay headed in the right direction. It also has the option to attach an infant car seat for babes 0-6 months old and accommodates a wide range of brands.

Overall, the City Mini GT Anniversary Edition is a great looking, really comfortable stroller for your little one, and very convenient for mamas to fold, lock, and push. There are a couple of things, though, that make this stroller a little bit of a bummer: despite the Baby Jogger name, this stroller isn't actually intended for jogging, so that can be a definite con for some mamas. It also has a hard-to-access, small storage basket, and doesn't have any sort of handlebar storage, which can make it hard for mamas to carry everything they might need. If that's a problem for you, but you love everything else about the stroller, you can always purchase this parent console.

The Baby Jogger City Mini GT Anniversary Edition is a great option for mamas looking for a high-end, beautiful stroller with great looking finishes that is also going to be super comfortable for your little one to ride in. The lightweight, compact and easy-to-fold-and-store features of this stroller also make it perfect for mamas on the go. It's a new year, and there's no better time to get yourself a new ride to take on every new adventure!

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