City Select & City Select Lux Car Seat Configurations

City Select & City Select Lux Car Seat Configurations

A stroller is like a mothers stand in best friend. Mama only has two arms and hands, controlled by one (often very tired) brain. Having a stroller that allows you to corral more than one kid, of different ages and sizes, can quite literally be a lifesaver! Baby Jogger has created beautiful strollers in their City Select, and new City Select Lux that give you the option of configurations that include your infant seats, with the help of their adapters!

Now, before we go any further there are a few important things you want to be aware of:
  • Not every infant seat on the market is compatible with these strollers. All infant seats that are compatible will be listed and discussed below. We want to make sure you get the perfect pair and don't end up feeling upset when you go to use your seat on your stroller!

  • When using your stroller with your infant seat, your configuration options can be limited. This is due to the fact that infant seats are shaped much differently than the stroller seats, and in turn take up more/different amounts of room than just the basic stroller seat. Using an infant seat and adapter combination does not prevent you from using the strollers as "doubles," but just limits what you can do with your toddler stroller seat while the car seat is attached (reclining, facing different directions, etc.) What you can and cannot do with your toddler seat really depends on which adapter and infant seat you are using.

Chicco, Cybex, Peg Perrego, Maxi-Cosi

This adapter works with the following models from these brands: Chicco Keyfit 30, Cybex Aton and Aton Q, Peg Perrego Primo Viaggio 4-35, Maxi-Cosi Mico, Mico AP, and Mico Max 30.

This particular adapter is the largest adapter, so it does take up a bit more room than others. With this adapter on the stroller you will have two specific configuration options:

Option one: Adapter and car seat go at the top of the stroller, closest to you. Toddler seat faces inwards on the second seat adapters at the bottom/front of the stroller. Using this configuration, your toddler seat is able to recline.

Option two: Toddler seat sits at the top of the stroller facing you. Adapter and car seat sits on the second seat adapters at the bottom/front of the stroller. Your toddler seat will not be able to recline in this configuration.

The Chicco car seat will snap onto the back bar of the adapter with an audible snap, it does not sit on the actual standing pegs of the adapter. The Peg Perrego, Cybex, and Maxi-Cosi seats will all sit on the standing pegs of the adapter.

Chicco, Cybex, Peg Perrego, and Maxi-Cosi Adapter

Maxi-Cosi and Cybex

This adapter works with the following models from these brands: Maxi-Cosi Mico, Mico AP, and Mico Max 30, Cybex Aton & Aton Q. With this adapter you have a smaller option for your Maxi-Cosi or Cybex infant seats. Smaller adapter means a little more space for your toddler seat configurations! Maxi-Cosi seats release from the adapter by the small gray buttons on the side front of the car seat.  

Maxi-Cosi and Cybex Adapter

Britax and BOB

This adapter works with the following models from these brands: Britax B-safe, B-safe 35, B-safe 35 Elite, and the BOB B-safe. There isn't anything tricky when using this adapter. Your car seat will release with the same button that releases it from its base.    

Britax and BOB Adapter


This adapter works with the following models from these brands: Pipa, Pipa Lite, Pipa Lite Lux. The car seat releases from this adapter the same way that it would release from its base.

Nuna Adapter

Graco and Baby Jogger

This adapter works with the following models from these brands: Graco Snugride Click Connect 30, 35, 35 LX, and 40 and the Baby Jogger City Go car seat. 

Graco and Baby Jogger Adapter

Hopefully, this helps you make sense of all the different adapter options! There is just one more thing I want to make you aware of before you go. Sometimes, even when car seats are installed perfectly in their adapter they will rock a bit. This is perfectly normal and okay. As long as you made sure your seat has been installed properly (you heard it click in, you checked to make sure it wouldn't pop out with a hard pull) you do not need to worry about the slight rock. No worries mama!

There you have it. Everything you need to know about these Baby Jogger adapters! Did I leave you with questions? That is completely possible. If you find yourself needing or wanting more information you can stop by or call our store in Utah anytime to talk to a Cubby Mom! We want you to have the perfect fit, and love helping you figure out what that fit is!

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Hi Whitney, the City Select Lux is compatible with the Cybex Cloud Q as long as you have the correct adapters. We sell them here:

The Baby Cubby

Hi Is the baby jogger select Lux compatible with the Cybex cloud q?
I have been told yes by some places and no by others


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