City Select Stroller with 2nd Seat Free Sale!

City Select Stroller with 2nd Seat Free Sale!

Hello my mothers of multiple littles! This sale is for YOU! Have you seen the Baby Jogger City Select stroller? It's basically the stroller that will change your life. Before we get to that though let me tell you a little bit about Baby Jogger! Did you know that Baby Jogger was the very first company to produce a jogging stroller? Super cool. They are also committed to making the best strollers at the best prices. They're basically the Chicco of strollers - you will always get the most bang for your buck! Here is a quick list of all the stroller colors that are on sale - Black Stroller/Black Frame, Teal Stroller/Black Frame, Red Stroller/Black Frame, Silver Stroller/Black Frame, Amethyst Stroller/Silver Frame, Quartz Stroller/Silver Frame, Onyx Stroller/Silver Frame, Ruby Stroller/Silver Frame.  

So, onto the life changing features!


Baby Jogger City Select Double Black Frame - teal

Tire Talk

Tires are probably one of the more important features on a stroller. You've got your run-of-the-mill tires that are hard plastic, and then you have your all-terrain tires that are filled with air like a bicycle tire. Then, you have the amazing hybrid tire that Baby Jogger features on its City Select Stroller and City Mini GT strollers. These hybrids have the traction of an all terrain tire, but are filled with foam so they never deflate! They also mimic air filled tires so you still get that smooth ride!

Configurations Galore

The City Select has 16+ configurations between the two seats and the stroller accessories (car seat adapters, bassinet, and city select glider board) - you can turn the seats both forward, both facing you, opposite directions, one car seat one seat, on bassinet one seat, two car seats, two get the idea.  Not to mention the storage basket has enough room for any diaper bag, whether its the Oemi Diaper Bag or a Petunia Pickle Bottom Satchel. Basically if you can make it fit, your child can take a sit! And, with the city select glider board and second seat for city select you can fit three kids! Super awesome.

City Select Seat Configurations

City Select Configurations

A Giant Sunshade

Don't you hate it when you're walking with your kids right into the sun? And you have sunglasses so you're just sitting pretty, but they won't keep them on or are too young to understand? Lucky for you, the sunshade on the City Select is HUGE. It also has two height adjustments to accommodate older and taller children!  And if you were wondering, our favorite are Babiators Kids Sunglasses because they come with a loss replacement guarantee!

Have older kids?

Then lucky for you, the City Select has a 45lb weight capacity per seat. That means it will work for even your 4 or 5 year olds! Because lets be honest, even your older kids not wearing diapers and Rags to Raches Rompers don't always want to walk and run around. Sometimes they need somewhere to sit down and take a break, too.

But What Kind of Value am I Really Getting?

Let me put it this way: the Baby Jogger City Select tends to resale for a little over 60% of its original price. That is the highest resale value of any stroller on the market! So, not only are you getting a SMOKING deal on this stroller to begin with, you are going to be able to get quite a bit out of it when you are done using it! Weekend getaway for mom and dad, anyone? Yes, please. So basically, you definitely DO NOT want to miss this second seat for free sale when you buy the City Select! You're going to get the BEST stroller at the BEST price.
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