Clek: Where Style Meets Safety

Clek: Where Style Meets Safety

Did you know that Clek is the only car seat manufacturer that publicly posts their crash test ratings? That's because their car seats continually exceed minimum safety standards!

Clek believes that there's no compromising when it comes to your child's safety. They engineer their car seats like vehicles with crash management systems and metal substructures. They also incorporate convenience and style, making their car seats second to none.

The Liing infant seat is the snazziest new addition to the Clek family. Its base features a load leg, which reduces crash forces by up to 40%! It also has a unique recline with seven different positions, allowing you to always get the right angle for your child no matter how flat or sloped your vehicle seat is. And in typical Clek fashion, it's slim enough to make 3-across seating possible. These are just a few of the nifty features that make the Liing extra special!

The Foonf and Fllo convertible car seats have been long-time favorites of the Baby Cubby team. Clek truly builds tanks that provide maximum protection for your child. The Foonf is built with patented energy-absorbing crumple technology within the base to, once again, reduce crash forces. Both have a 9-year expiration, meaning you can use them for multiple children. All things considered, these car seats are some of the best!

Clek has got you covered when it comes to boosters as well!he Ozzi and the Olli backless booster seats, and the Oobr full back booster seat. The Ozzi and Olli both have an extra layer of padding to prevent "numb bum" and keep your child comfy for the long haul, and the Oobr is the first of its kind with a metal substructure.

Clek will be there for every stage of your car seat journey. Check out these Clek favorites and more in store and online at

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