Clementine Kids Quilts: The Perfect Blanket for Babies and Big Kids

Clementine Kids Quilts: The Perfect Blanket for Babies and Big Kids

At The Baby Cubby, we are all about making sure you have the best for your littles, and that means you need to have the goods for your babies and your big kids!

Clementine Kids Reversible Quilts make the perfect blanket for your littles, whether they're brand new or big, and they're made to get better with time.

They're made 4 layers thick of 100% cotton muslin, are the perfect size for babies and big kids, and get softer the more they are loved and washed (in the washing machine, because obviously no mama has time to worry about special treatment for their babe's blankie).

I love that Clementine Kids always has the most adorable designs for their blankets and swaddles, and seriously looking at them just makes me smile!

Whether you're looking for your little girls or your baby boys, you'll be able to find a print in these quilts that fits your style, and the fact that they're reversible means you have twice the cute and all the more to love!

Here are the styles of the Reversible Quilts that we carry at The Baby Cubby, and your little one will love to cuddle up with them no matter how big they get!

Black and White

Blush Bloom

Buttercup Blossom



Ice Cream


Raspberry Peony


Keep Clementine Kids in mind when you're looking to get your babes a new blanket or to make sure your big kids have something soft to snuggle with in bed. Their reversible quilts are going to be the perfect blanket for them at any age!

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