CoED Baby Showers And Why They're Amazing!

CoED Baby Showers And Why They're Amazing!

PC: Kate Aspen

Well planned baby showers can be loads of fun! When I was pregnant with my son, I couldn't WAIT to celebrate at my shower with all my friends and family. But when the time came, I was nervous. All of the focus would be on me, and since I was roughly the size of an Elephant, I was simply uncomfortable with that. My husband was going golfing with the guys and I felt really alone even though I was surrounded by so much love! Looking back, I wanted him to experience this joy with me. Luckily, the guys got done golfing early and we were able to open about half of the presents together and enjoyed our shower as a couple! With that in mind, I've gathered a list of CoEd shower themes and games for every personality!


Nothing says summer fun quite like a big family barbecue! Am I right? Invite all of your friends and family over to celebrate with a CoEd Baby-Q! Grill up some burgers, sip tasty lemonade and enjoy the at-home, backyard feel of this gender neutral, family friendly baby shower! The fabulous thing about this laid back Baby-Q, is it can be as structured as you please. That is why the game I've included is one that everyone can enjoy between snacking, socializing and belly rubbing! 
  • Not Your Average Game of Corn Hole-This is a great game to have going throughout the party!
    • What You Will Need:
      • Two baby dolls
      • Two swaddling blankets
      • 10 Diapers
      • One bag of Tootsie Rolls
      • Two Corn Hole Boards
    • How To Play:
      • Swaddle baby dolls in blankets. Fill diapers 3/4 full with unwrapped tootsie rolls. Roll diapers up and secure the tabs on each side to ensure the diapers will not open.
      • Each team of two needs one swaddled baby doll and five rolled up "dirty" diapers. Instead of using the traditional rice bags, each team will use their dirty diapers to toss into the opposite corn hole board, while holding their baby doll in the football hold.
      • Traditional rules of corn hole still apply.
      • Teams with the most wins by the end of the shower win a small prize!

Sweet As Can Bee

This sweet shower is also great for Spring and Summer! The main accents are busy bumble bees and tasty honeycomb. Add touches of your favorite yellow flowers and sugary treats to make this shower a hit! And don't forget about a game to match this Sweet As Can Bee theme!


  • Honey Tree Wishes-A sentimental way to create keepsakes that will be cherished forever!
    • What You Will Need:
    • How To Play:
      • Each guest fills in the blank to each statement with something sentimental or funny! For example: "I Hope You Learn _____"
      • Mom or Dad's favorite wins a small prize (maybe a jar of fresh, local honey)!
  • Build-A-Baby-A fun way to imagine what baby will look like!
    • What you need:
      • One 8x10 close up picture of Mom's face and Dad's face
      • Poster Board (s)
      • Stick on Velcro
    • How To Play:
      • Cut each picture into strips--each one featuring a facial feature (nose, mouth, eyes, etc)
      • Stick velcro on the back of each strip and on the poster board
      • Split the guests into 3 or 4 small teams
      • Ask guests to build a baby with the parent's facial features
      • Stick photo strips to poster board to build-a-baby
      • Mom and Dad's favorite wins a small prize


This is the perfect shower for Mom's and Dad's who enjoy beer tasting or just love spending time at their local brewery! If you've ever considered having your shower after your bundle of joy has entered the world, this shower might be the perfect one for you (that way Mom can enjoy herself, too)! Decorate by using the brewery's existing charm and adding your own touches, like these adorable coasters! Support your favorite local brewery by arranging to have their popular beers available to your guests, and don't forget about the food! Snack food is best for this sort of shower
. Think about cheesy soft pretzels and chips and dip! Yum! *If you want to do the baby shower before your bundle comes, you can of course use non-alcoholic drinks!*
  •  Bottle O' Beer-This one's for the Dads!
    • What You Will Need:
      • Bottles (with medium to fast flow nipples)
      • Beer
      • Willing Dads
    • How To Play:
      • Fill bottles completely with beer
      • Ask Dads to line up (so everyone can see)
      • First Dad to finish his bottle of beer wins a small prize (maybe a growler of their choice)!

Have fun! From The Baby Cubby :)

  Written by Lindsay Helm
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Wonderful ideas. Wish I had thought of this years ago. Dads need to be involved in all aspects of this new bundle of joy!!!

P Slocum

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