Coming Soon: The New 2018 Clek Foonf

Coming Soon: The New 2018 Clek Foonf

The Foonf is not a new seat to our family--we have loved it for years! But Clek is adding to the Foonf family, and we are jazzed about it! A new Foonf will hit the market in early 2018, with a fun (and safe) upgrade. Remember how a car seat is like a life insurance policy? You hope you'll never have to put it to the test, but you sure hope you have the best one if a test does come. In their own words, Clek builds tanks, not recliners. I will take a child-protecting tank please!

So what is new on the 2018 version of the Foonf? An awesome and impressive fabric upgrade! There are more and more families today focusing on incorporating less chemicals into their life by choosing products without them. Car seats are typically only flame retardant because the fabric has been treated with something that makes it that way. The new fabric on the Foonf is naturally flame retardant! 

This new fabric is called Merino Wool. It is flame retardant without treatments, and acts as a great temperature control. Temperature control may not be the first thing you think about when you begin to research seats, but it can do a lot of good for your babe. Nobody wants to be too hot or too cold, especially in the car. Due to the shape, car seats can be really good at trapping cold or warmth behind the rider. A fabric that helps with that problem is amazing!

The fabric is the only change to the seat, but that isn't a bad thing. The Foonf was pretty much perfect before now so that is all they really needed to change! If you want to check out each and every detail of the Foonf and the Clek brand, you can start by reading this blog post. As always, if you live in Utah you can stop by the store and test the seat with your child in it, and even put it in your car. We know just how important your little loves are to you, so let us help you get them in the perfect seat!

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It is in just the grey and black.

The Baby Cubby

Do you know if they will be selling the merino wool upholstery replacement for the older clek’s


Do you know when the Merino Wool Clek is coming out?


We believe it’s coming out sometime in the Spring.

The Baby Cubby

Can you tell me if the new merino wool fabric is in all the colors or just the gray and black?


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