Video: Comparing Baby Jogger's City Select v. City Select Lux

Video: Comparing Baby Jogger's City Select v. City Select Lux

Ever wondered about the similarities and differences between the Baby Jogger City Select and the City Select Lux? We've got you covered! Check out this video for all the things you need to know.

Right off the bat, the stroller handlebars are different shapes - the City select is more round and has a hand brake along the side of the frame. The Lux has a more square shaped handlebar. Its locking handbrake doubles as a decelerator—perfect if you're strolling downhill!

These Baby Jogger storage baskets are both spacious, but the City Select's has zipper openings. The Lux simply has elastic, with a lot of moms favor since it's less of a hassle. Although both stroller seats have cinched pockets on the backs, the Lux's seats have an added zippered pocket if you need easy access to small items like keys or a phone. The wheels are slightly different as well—the City Select has foam-filled back tires, plastic front tires, and front-wheel suspension. The Lux, on the other hand, has all rubber tires for durability, as well as all-wheel suspension.

One of the best updates to the Lux is how to attach the second seat to turn the stroller into a double. The original City Select has manual covers that you have to take off in order to attach the second seat adapters. The design of the Lux is a bit elevated—it has built in trap doors that make it easier to insert the adapters into. Both strollers fold in the same manner, but the fact that you can fold the Lux seats in half contributes to the fact that its fold is 30% smaller.

You can purchase some additional accessories for the strollers. Both are compatible with a glider board to attach to the back, which is perfect for a third child to stand on. The Lux has the added luxury of a cupholder and the option to use a bench seat on the top for older children to sit on. With all these upgrades, the Lux comes out to about $100 more than the original City Select.

We love both of these Baby Jogger strollers. If you're in the market though, the added features of the Lux make it worth extra money!

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