Video: Comparing the Baby Jogger City Select Lux v. Nuna DEMI Grow

Video: Comparing the Baby Jogger City Select Lux v. Nuna DEMI Grow

Are you in the market for a single-to-double stroller? Stuck between brands? You're in luck because we're comparing two stroller brands—Baby Jogger and Nuna—top to bottom to help you make your decision!

To start off, it’s important to note that each of these strollers come in a package as a single stroller. If you want to add a second seat, those accessories must be purchased separately. In terms of design, the Nuna DEMI Grow has a bit more of an elegant feel. It has a rounded handlebar and belly bar made of luxe leatherette material. In contrast, the City Select Lux has a rubber, square-shaped handlebar. It has a bit more of an industrial feel.

The DEMI Grow weighs 27 pounds, but the City Select Lux is a little heavier at about 30 pounds. The DEMI Grow’s seat can carry up to 50 pounds, and the City Select Lux’s seat can only carry up to 45 pounds.

Both of the strollers have suspension and lockable front wheels. That being said, the City Select Lux has tires made of plastic, and the DEMI Grow has rubber foam-filled tires. The City Select Lux has a handbrake on the right side of the handlebar, which includes a decelerator if you happen to be going downhill. It’s perfect for sandal wearers! The DEMI Grow, on the other hand, has a tap-on / flip-up footbrake.

Each of the strollers’ seats and baskets are made of high quality, durable fabric. They each have UPF 50+ canopies with peekaboo windows. The DEMI Grow has two bonus features though: one is the zip-out Dream Drape for extra coverage, and the other is that its seat liner can zip off to reveal the mesh base underneath. This is ideal when the weather gets warmer!

As we continue comparing, one of the biggest differences is how the second seat is attached. With the City Select Lux, you can purchase adapters to insert into the front of the frame, and then attach the second seat. On the other hand, the DEMI Grow’s second seat inserts directly into connectors within the back of the storage basket. The seats sit in a more stacked position, so the DEMI Grow has a smaller footprint. Additionally, it's a little bit easier to push in double mode since the weight is more centered. That being said, you don’t lose any storage basket space with the City Select Lux!

An added bonus with the City Select Lux is the accessory options! You can add a glider board to the back for a third child to stand on, or purchase a bench seat for the upper position. This is perfect for times when your older child just needs a break from walking! The Nuna DEMI Grow does not have either of these options.

The City Select Lux has a slightly more compact fold, which is partly because the seats themselves can fold in half. It will automatically lock, but it doesn’t stand on its own. You can fold it with two seats attached. With the DEMI Grow, you must remove the second seat first. It will lock automatically as well, and will stand up on its own.

Overall, the single-to-double stroller you choose is entirely dependent on your needs as a parent. We love both of them, but we hope we've clarified some of the similarities and differences to make your choice easier!

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