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Comparing the Bugaboo Donkey 3 v. Nuna DEMI Grow

Today we’re comparing two really uniquely designed single-to-double strollers: the Bugaboo Donkey 3 v. the Nuna DEMI Grow.

Let’s start off by talking about what they have in common!

  • Both strollers have telescoping handlebars with leather accenting for grip.
  • Each stroller has an extendable sun canopy with a peekaboo window.
  • Each of the seat units recline and can face forward or backward. Both seats have a weight capacity of 50 pounds as well as a no-rethread harness to make adjustments easy. 
  • Both strollers have all-wheel suspension with foam filled tires. The front wheels are lockable. The Donkey 3’s wheels are bigger—12 inches in back and 10 inches in front. The DEMI Grow’s wheels are 11.5 inches in back and about 7 inches in front. 

Now let’s go over some of the main differences:

  • The DEMI Grow’s seat canopy has a zip-out Dream Drape for extra coverage. The seat fabric can zip off to mesh for warmer days, so it’s great for all seasons! Two other bonus features are the magnetic buckle and the adjustable footrest.
  • Both strollers have storage baskets underneath the seats, but the DEMI Grow’s basket is much larger. To make up for this, the Donkey 3 comes with a separate small bag that attaches beside the seat in mono mode.

These strollers have different designs for double mode. The Donkey 3’s frame expands to the side for you to fit a bassinet or a second seat beside the other. The DEMI Grow has a built-in adapter inside the basket for you to attach a second seat, so in double mode, the seats are stacked on top of each other. As a result, you lose some of your basket space.

With these configuration options in mind, it’s important to talk about what each of them come with in the single stroller package.
  • The Bugaboo Donkey 3 comes with the stroller frame, the side luggage bag, a piece of seat fabric, a piece of bassinet fabric, and then a single frame for one of those pieces to fit on. If you want to make it into a double, whether with two bassinets or two seats, you need to buy a second seat frame with the corresponding fabric.
  • The Nuna DEMI grow comes with the stroller frame, the main seat, a car seat ring adapter, car seat post adapters, fenders, and a rain cover. All accessories for double and twin modes, like a second seat, are sold separately. That being said, if you have a compatible car seat already, you can attach it with the seat unit on bottom!

To fold the Bugaboo Donkey 3, first you’ll need to take off the basket and the seat by pushing those white buttons on each side. As a result, the DEMI grow has a more convenient fold since you don’t have to remove the seat. Take a look:

Overall, the Bugaboo Donkey 3 and the Nuna DEMI Grow are both really solid stroller options, but very different in design. It’s up to you to decide if you prefer a side-by-side double stroller or a stacked one!

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