Video: Comparing the Clek Liing v. Liingo

Video: Comparing the Clek Liing v. Liingo

Love Clek but can't choose between the Liing or the Liingo for your infant? We have a breakdown of each to help you make your decision!

Let’s get started with what they have in common:

  • Both car seats weigh 9 lbs (when you remove the detachable LATCH bin on the Liingo, which we’ll talk about in a second).
  • They have the same two-piece shell and machine washable covers.
  • The Liing and Liingo both have the same peak-a-boo window and 100+ SPF canopy.
  • Both come in many of the same fabric options, all of which are naturally flame-retardant without any added chemicals.
  • They're each compatible with all the same great stroller brands (like Baby Jogger, Silver Cross, and UPPAbaby) and have the same easy one-hand release.
  • Both can be installed using the European belt path method.
  • And lastly, both car seats have a 9-year life span.

As you can see, these infant car seats are structurally similar (honestly, they're pretty much the same). So what really sets them apart is how they can be installed!

  • The Liing includes a Clek Infant Car Seat Base, which is engineered with advanced safety features like an adjustable metal load leg, rigid-LATCH installation, a 7-position recline angle adjuster with indicator bubble, and a belt tensioning system for vehicles that don’t have LATCH anchors.
  • The Liingo is a baseless infant car seat. It has flexible LATCH connectors that are stored in a removable bin, so you have the choice between using those or using the European Belt Path installation method. As a note, the latter option has higher safety ratings. If you remove the bin, Liingo is compatible with the Clek base, which is available for purchase as an accessory if your needs change down the road.
  • Because of these differences, the Liingo costs about $200 less, depending on the fabric color you choose.

We love both of these options for newborns, especially because Clek is so transparent about their safety standards. Unlike a lot of other brands, they post their crash test videos online. That way you can see visually exactly how safe their seats are!

If you ride in taxis or Ubers often and are looking to save money, the Liingo may be a good choice for you. If you’re looking for the convenience and added safety features of a base, then you might want to go with the Liing!

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