Cotton Muslin Swaddle Comparison: Little Unicorn Vs. Aden + Anais

Cotton Muslin Swaddle Comparison: Little Unicorn Vs. Aden + Anais

It’s no secret that I’m a HUGE fan of swaddling. My babies both loved it and when it comes down to me recommending things about becoming a mom for the first time, swaddling know-how is near the very top of that list. If you search swaddle or swaddling in the search bar on the Baby Cubby’s Blog, you’ll see that there are a TON of different posts on the topic. How-to, whys, different swaddling techniques, sleep sacks vs. swaddling, different materials, and so much more! Because of the vast amount of information already available on swaddling, I thought it was time to compare two of our most popular swaddle blankets – Aden + Anais vs. Little Unicorn.

 Little Unicorn Single Cotton Swaddle - Lava Lava
Aden + Anais Classic Swaddles - 3-Pack - Metallic Gold Deco Dandelion
Aden + Anais Classic Swaddles - 3-Pack - Metallic Gold Deco Dandelion


Both of these particular swaddle blankets are made of 100% cotton muslin. However, being a frequent user of each of these muslin swaddles, I can tell you that there IS a difference in the feeling of these two. LU is slightly rougher. And by rough I don’t mean scratchy, or uncomfortable, but it definitely feels more muslin than A+A, which is a bit softer overall. Despite the fact that each of these muslin swaddles get softer with every wash, if soft is what you’re aiming for when it comes to swaddling blankets; I don’t think I could say that either of these two make the softest swaddle list.


Size is not an issue for either of these, as they are both a whopping 47" by 47"! Because of the more muslin feel of LU, the material tends to stick to itself a little more than A+A’s material. Therefore, the swaddle may hold slightly better than the swaddle from a A+A blanket. But besides that little detail, I really love both of these blankets for swaddling, mainly because of how light they are! I don’t worry about overheating nearly as much with these swaddle blankets than I do with others. Speaking of other swaddle blankets, I can’t always count on them holding a great swaddle for hours on end quite like the LU and A+A options.


I absolutely love both of these brands, not only because of their material and swaddling abilities, but also the ADORABLE colors and patterns they come up with. Aden + Anais tends to have more generic patterns and colors. They have more solids options than LU, and you could basically design an entire nursery around a set of three A+A swaddle blankets. Little Unicorn has more bold, original, and hard-to-miss prints. Another difference in the design is the wear of these colors as time goes by. I declare that LU blankets look and hold up better with time, stains, and washes than A+A options.

Aden + Anais Classic Swaddles - 3-Pack - Serengeti
Aden + Anais Classic Swaddles - 3-Pack - Serengeti

Little Unicorn Single Cotton Swaddle - Forest Friends
Little Unicorn Single Cotton Swaddle - Forest Friends


Little Unicorn will probably be your more expensive blanket in this comparison. By about $4 to be exact. But the Aden + Anais swaddles come in a set of three, so to buy all three, you’re talking close to $40. I have two things to say about price:
  • You WILL use swaddle blankets like there is no tomorrow, especially in the first few weeks! So an A+A 3-pack is definitely worth your money.
  • The extra $4 or so for LU is worth it, as I believe they are about $4 better quality overall.

    Cotton muslin is a cute and practical option when it comes to swaddling new babes, and I’m a big fan of both Little Unicorn and Aden + Anais as contestants for the best-ever swaddle blankets. (For the record, if you don’t know yet how to properly pronounce Aden + Anais, take a look here.) Anyway, that's a wrap on this comparison! Now get to wrapping up your babes and get a nap in when you can!

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