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Crazy Aaron’s: Inspiring Creativity and Learning Through Play Dough and Putty

Before having a baby, I had a goal of limiting screen time and having fun crafts and activities planned for my kids. When my daughter came along, I was exhausted! I started to realize why screen time can be such a lifesaver for moms. This became an even greater reality for me when my second was born. I was so exhausted from his lack of sleep that I found myself taking every opportunity I’d get for a quick nap. As a result, I’d often turn on my daughter’s favorite show so that I could have a few minutes to sleep when my baby was napping or to get started on my never ending to-do list. Recently, I’ve rededicated myself to providing more educational and fun activities for my daughter. I’ve realized that having something easily accessible and ready-to-go means that she is more likely to play with it (and I’m less likely to pop on the TV when I’m busy and need her to be content). This is when I found out about Crazy Aaron’s! Crazy Aaron’s is an incredible brand for young kids and moms alike! Their play doughs and putties inspire kids to be creative and to learn about the world around them while also being safe, eco-friendly and non-toxic! Let’s take a look at some of the awesome products they have to offer!

Thinking Putty

Thinking putty is a unique, mess-free putty that encourages kids to be creative! Not only can you shape and mold it in countless ways, but the non-toxic silicone material allows you to tear and bounce it, giving you a fun play material that will keep your kids occupied for hours. This is a great product for kids that may struggle with sensory integration, allowing them to explore and manipulate the product with their hands. Therapists often use putty to help children with anxiety as well because it gives them a place to channel their tension or stress. This mess-free product is also a great toy for long car rides and makes a great distraction when you may be waiting for long periods of time at a doctor’s office. I especially love the glow putty and glow charger, allowing you to play with your putty in the dark! Crazy Aaron’s thinking putty does not dry out, making it a long lasting play item! (Check out this awesome list of ways to use putty at home with your kiddos!)

Crazy Aaron's glow thinking putty

SCENTsory Putty

Similar to the thinking putty, Crazy Aaron’s Scentsory Putty provides a product that gives children (or adults) the full sensory play experience. With fun scents and a soft velvet texture, this putty is sure to provide hours of fun for your little one! This product also does not dry out! 

SCENTsory putty Crazy Aaron's

Land of Dough

This is our favorite Crazy Aaron’s product right now! Land of Dough was created to be the most eco-friendly play dough on the planet! Sustainably produced with use of wind technology and reclaimed landfill gas, Land of Dough ensures you are using a product that is not causing greater harm to the beautiful world we live in. The dough itself is also safe for little ones, made from non-toxic, natural ingredients, with essential oils and compostable glitter. My daughter LOVES the glitter and shimmer in the dough, while I love the beautiful scent of the essential oils. The smell provides a nice calming feeling, making playtime more enjoyable and memorable for all involved. I also love having play dough in the home because it’s great for child development! The use of their hands to manipulate the dough helps strengthen muscles that help them hold a pencil, which is essential for writing and drawing! (Check out all the other amazing benefits of play dough here!)

Within the Land of Dough Collection, you can get dough rolls, dough cups, and an educational learning numbers kit! The dough dries out if left out for too long, so make sure to store properly when not in use. This is great though if your child creates something they want to keep forever! Let’s check out some of these fun play dough options!

Dough Rolls

Simply unroll the packaging from the dough and you are ready to play! This dough lasts a year unopened! Once opened, it can last for several months! Simply wet a paper towel when finished playing and wrap it around the dough to rehydrate. Then place the dough into an airtight container and store until you’re ready to play again! Placing it in the fridge or a cold area will help it last even longer. We love the dough rolls because they have several colors swirled into one. When combined, it makes a nice, beautiful vibrant color full of glitter!

land of dough roll

Dough Cups

The Land of Dough Cups are GORGEOUS! These unique play dough cups are packaged and shaped to create a masterpiece, with options such as dinos, unicorns, rainbows, or sweet cherries! They also come in themed cups, such as outer space. No matter what your kiddo is interested in, land of dough offers an incredible cup of play dough that your child will be ecstatic to open up for play time! 

land of dough dino

Learning Numbers Kit

This kit is the perfect way to teach kids their numbers! The wooden blocks are so versatile and fun! Use them to stamp into the play dough, or have your kiddos use them as a guide to form their own numbers from the dough! Help your child roll, shape and place the dough on top of each wooden block to learn how to form each number. These wooden numbers have been a great way for us to practice number order as well! Mix up the pieces, and have your child place them in order from 0 to 9! This set comes with 2 large rolls of dough in gorgeous glittery colors! 

land of dough learning numbers kit

Doodle Putty

For kids that love to color or draw, the doodle putty is the perfect activity! Using the white thinking putty and the provided puppy mold, you can create a fun canvas to decorate with the bright and colorful ink markers! If you make a mistake, you can smash the putty and the colors will disappear! Encourage imagination and creativity by helping your child sculpt other creations besides the provided mold, then draw and design with the ink markers. 

Doodle-Putty crazy aaron's

No matter what product you try, you are sure to have a fun time while also supporting an amazing company. Crazy Aaron’s strives to give back to the community by hiring those with intellectual and physical disabilities, giving an opportunity to those that may not be offered work elsewhere. When creating new products, Aaron draws from observations he makes in the world, and from educational topics like history and science! This is a great way to instill imagination and creativity into our own kiddos. (Check out his whole story here:

These products have been so fun for my daughter! Not only has it encouraged her to be creative and make something with her hands, but I can rest assured that the products are safe for her to use! And I can guarantee that every Easter basket, Christmas stocking, or birthday gift will include this amazing play dough and putty from now on!

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