Cribs That You'll Never Want to See Go

Cribs That You'll Never Want to See Go

One of the first things the mama pictures when they find out they're having a baby is the beautiful nursery where they will lay their dreaming angel down to sleep every night. Well once the little angel shows up, your picture might change a little (read: a lot). Like when you are stumbling blindly into the nursery to feed your screaming baby at 2am, and stub your toe and fall down into the rocking chair you are so grateful you splurged on. But one of the most important parts of this nursery picture is, of course, the crib!

When it comes to having a place for our babes to lay their heads at night (and honestly any time during the day that they will let us) we want to make sure it's safe, comfortable, and of course beautiful. Well Oeuf is a great baby and child gear company that's making all of your crib dreams come true, by living by their motto: Be good. We are all heart eyes for their modern, simple designs with an environmentally and child-friendly purpose. Here's a couple of our favorite Cubby Picks that we are sure you will fall in love with!


This pretty little thing isn't just about looks (though trust me, I'm drooling over here), but it's also about durability. It's made from sturdy, sustainably-sourced plywood and birch, and is absolutely made to last! This is a crib you will be able to use throughout your child's life (and your next child, and the next, and....), and Oeuf prides itself in its non-toxic, sleep-safe materials. There are three different mattress height settings, and it even comes with an optional kit to convert this beauty into a toddler bed. Available in: Grey, Walnut, and White.

The classic wood with white will never get old, and this crib mattress is no exception. Your babe will sleep safe and sound in this beautiful, contemporary design. It's of course going to exceed your expectations for quality and is actually designed to help your child sleep better throughout the night (and we could all use a better night's sleep, am I right?) because of their environmentally-friendly paint. If you choose to purchase the Oeuf Rhea toddler bed kit, you will also end up with an adorable toddler day bed.

When you're choosing a crib for your little ones, think about more than just the price tag. When you consider how important a good night's sleep is for everyone in your home the quality and safety will start to make up the difference. And you will definitely not lose sleep over buying any of the incredible products from Oeuf. Dream on mamas. XO

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