Cubby Matchup: Ollie World Swaddle v. Ergobaby Original Swaddler

Cubby Matchup: Ollie World Swaddle v. Ergobaby Original Swaddler

As a parent, you'll find any and all baby products in many different types and varieties, so how do you know which one is best? In addition, there are some products that first-time parents might not even know the function of, let alone which types are best for their child. That's why you have your pals at The Baby Cubby to help you sort everything out, including which swaddle blankets to buy.

So, let's talk swaddles. Swaddles are thin blankets meant specifically for wrapping a baby all snugly. Their main purpose is to make baby feel more secure by imitating the feeling of being wrapped in the safety of mom's womb. While most newborns and young infants don't enjoy spread-out spaces, they usually find comfort (and sleep!) in the safety of a good swaddle. If you are new to swaddling, check out our previous post, Swaddling Your Baby 101. Today we're going to be taking a closer look at two different swaddle products, and noting the similarities and possible pros and cons of each:

Ollie World Swaddle

This is one soft swaddle, and we know how much baby (and parents!) love a soft swaddle. The cool thing about the Ollie World Swaddle is that it comes with special velcro strips for a snug fit that baby can't wiggle out of. Now you can keep your ninja baby from undoing your beautiful swaddle every time you turn your head! In addition, the velcro design helps you create a swaddle that's tight on the torso and loose around the hips to prevent hip dysplasia, a problem that too-tight of swaddling can create.

To help your baby feel safe and to create a more consistent sleep routine, the Ollie World Swaddle calms your baby and eases the transition from arms to crib or basinet. The material is a mix of mostly Polyester with a little spandex for stretch. Laundry care is also fairly simple since this swaddle comes with a special laundry bag. Wash it in cold water with velcro tabs secured, and tumble dry low. Comes in Nest, Lavender, Stone, and Sky colors.

Overall, velcro strips and super soft fabric seem like a great idea for a reliable swaddle blanket.

Ergobaby Original Swaddle

Just like the Ollie World Swaddle, the Ergobaby Original Swaddle is all about making your life easier with its ergonomic design. The key with this swaddle is useful arm pockets and leg positioners for baby while still leaving plenty of room to move their hips. Although the pockets might seem unnecessary, you'll love how this swaddle keeps your baby well-wrapped and comfortable at all times.

In addition, you don't have to worry about re-swaddling baby with the Ergobaby Original, since it has a removable leg pouch for quick and easy diaper changes. For most parents that are up with a newborn several times a night, this feature is an absolute godsend. Made of 100% knit terry cotton, the Ergobaby Original Swaddle will keep baby at just the right temperature all night long. Comes in Sparrows or Sheep design.

My Pick 

The Ergobaby provides ease of use and access along with a secure and safe way to wrap baby for what seems like the perfect package! These two swaddles really are both great, and if super softness is what you're searching for, then you'll want to go with the Ollie World Swaddle. However, I lean towards the Ergobaby Original since it's about half the price and offers all the comfort and convenience you and your baby need, especially for those night changes.


Either way, you're now an informed swaddler and hopefully know more about what you want. If you still have more questions about swaddling, feel free to consult the Cubby Community Blog or peruse through our collection of swaddle products.

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