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Cuddle + Kind: Filling Bellies and Hearts

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In thinking about a company to feature on the blog today, I knew I wanted to talk about one that is making an impact in amazing ways -- and that company is Cuddle + Kind. They make adorable, handcrafted stuffed animals, and for each one they sell, they provide ten meals to children throughout the world who don’t have enough to eat.

Cuddle + Kind was founded by Canadian couple Jennifer and Derek Woodgate, who felt a powerful need to help hungry children get meals and better nutrition. Their inspiration came from their background in healthcare and from the fact that they were also parent of three children. They saw a need and set out to make a difference.

Making the Dolls

Jennifer and Derek decided to sell quality, handmade dolls and plush toys. Cuddle + Kind made connections and relationships with artisans in Peru, giving hundreds of jobs making the dolls to Peruvian artisans. So they aren’t just helping feed hungry kids -- these jobs they have made are empowering women in Peru to have a sustainable income and earning a fair wage.  

How It Works

I think we can all agree that hungry children around the world is an issue we want to help with, and sometimes we just don’t know how. Cuddle + Kind has made it easy: you simply buy an adorable handknit doll for a special child in your life, and Cuddle + Kind will donate 10 meals  to another special child. It is truly the best kind of win/win situation! 

Every year they aim to be able to donate one million meals with the help and partnerships of several nonprofits who help make and distribute meals where they're needed. We currently have six Cuddle + Kind dolls in our home, and when I think that we have provided 60 meals to children around the world, its an "oh wow" moment for me. I have helped to make an impact, and I love to remind my kids of those meals every time they play with their dolls. 


Growing with Your Child

Cuddle + Kind dolls are some of the most adorable little characters, and you will want to start a collection after you get your first. I have gifted a doll to each of my kids when they were babies. This has been so fun to document their monthly milestone pictures next to their doll, and I can really see how much they've grown every time. The quality of each doll has held up to many washes and many cuddles.

 Cuddle + Kind | Henry the Bunny 13" | Liz And Roo

Henry the Bunny

Cuddle + Kind is company that has created jobs to empower women, it provides meals to hungry kids, and it has a quality product for your family. What an impact this company has made -- and just think how much your purchase helps all of that! Lets support Cuddle + Kind and fill kids belly’s around the world. 

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