Darling Reads with Lucy Darling

Darling Reads with Lucy Darling

A want, a need, a wear, a read: when I was growing up, I remember my mom repeating this list often when we talked about Christmas gifts. 

Waking up on Christmas morning, we were always delighted to find something we wanted, something we needed, something to wear, and something to read!

It’s a tradition and rule of thumb I follow with my kids now. It helps keep me from saving up all their needs for Christmas, or filling my house with toys. The category I get the most excited for are the new books!  I love adding to our collection, and I especially love adding to our Lucy Darling collection! 

With their beautiful illustrations and creative stories, our growing collection is my absolute favorite. Their darling primer books are perfect for when we travel. They help get our kiddos excited, and they entertain them as we go.

My personal favorite, though, are their story books. Unique and sweet, I love picking new ones out. They're the perfect board books for even the littlest of babes. My kids ask for their stories time and time again.

It doesn’t just stop with story books--Lucy Darling has beautiful memory books with every theme you can imagine, for babies and toddlers alike.  A memory book from Lucy Darling will be a keepsake for you to thumb through for years to come!  Along with books, they have Milestone pennants, monthly stickers, party boxes, and teethersLucy Darling has it all!  

As Christmas fast approaches, don’t forget to add a few good “reads” to your kid's gift list! Lucy Darling books have just what you’re looking for. Their timeless story books and keepsake memory books are the perfect addition to any book collection! Shop them in store or online at The Baby Cubby!


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