DEAL OF THE WEEK: Henry Mack on Sale

DEAL OF THE WEEK: Henry Mack on Sale

Tired of wearing those old sweats over and over so you can actually get stuff done around the house? Looking for something cute to wear that you can also run errands in? If you want an easygoing solution to the ever-present comfort versus fashion problem, search no further. The Baby Cubby is offering incredible prices on Henry Mack dresses, so get 'em while the gettin's good!! Here's what's on sale, this week, July 11-15th:

Henry Mack Sweatshirt House Dress (purple block sleeve)

Henry Mack Sweatshirt House Dress (animal print sleeve)

Henry Mack Sweatshirt House Dress (pink geo sleeve)

All of the above styles of our Sweatshirt House Dresses are on sale for only $39.95, compared to the original tag price of $85.00! These dresses are oh-s0-soft and look great at the supermarket, picking kids up from school, or even for a Netflix and chill date with the hubby.

If you think you liked the sweatshirt material house dresses, wait until you try the silky soft rayon version:

Henry Mack House Dress – She’s Everything Paisley

She's Everything Paisley lets you look put together and chic while staying easy and breezy. This particular style is on sale too for only $44.98 from the original $85 price tag. That's a huge mark down, ladies, so snatch these lovely house dresses up while they're still in stock!

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