Deal of the Week: Little Cosmetics 20% off

Deal of the Week: Little Cosmetics 20% off

I have a vivid memory as a 5 or 6-year-old sneaking into the bathroom, locking the door and very carefully putting on every piece of my mom's makeup. I was pretending to be her, pretending I was grown up, pretended to talk on the phone while I did it, just like she would.

I obviously looked like a cross-dressing clown after I was finished and my mom was probably upset....but entertained. I loved all things makeup, beauty and dress up as a little girl and that is why our brand Little Cosmetics is so perfect! Little Cosmetics isn't like the plastic fake stuff you are used to seeing, it looks AND FEELS just like real makeup but doesn't transfer to your child's skin. GENIUS! The colors and packaging are so darling and your little ones will feel so special sitting next to you as you put on your makeup together. Even though I have two little boys, they still love to sit and play with my makeup while I am getting ready and there have been a few times where that has ended with me being upset.....but entertained. I love watching my kids play pretend and mimicking things they see us do. Without worry or mess, this activity will make your child feel like "mom" and that is priceless.

Little Cosmetics is now 20% off at the Baby Cubby. A perfect gift for Christmas as we round the corner on the holidays!

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