Deal of the Week: Lucy Darling Memory & Board Books 20% off

Deal of the Week: Lucy Darling Memory & Board Books 20% off

Mamas, we all know that when it comes to books our babes are not ready for those flimsy paper pages yet. Unless you want a lot of frustration, rips, and tape. Another option? Board books of course! If you're looking to expand your little one's library with fun, colorful board books look no further, because The Baby Cubby is hooking it up with 20% off all board books from Lucy Darling!

As I've talked about before, you might already know that these books are seriously adorable, and they are so unique that I can promise you won't have anything like it in your stack of baby books. Each book features a different location, and teaches our little ones something different; you can choose landscape, city life, or even French!

These are the perfect books to help boost your babe's vocab, and have words easy enough to match to the illustrations, and even sound out. You will carry these around with you wherever you go to give them something to look at! They may even notice something that matches a picture in the book, and then you will just cry because of how advanced they are (Oh, just me then?)  

If you're also feeling a little sentimental, and looking for a gift for yourself, you can get the same great deal on the Lucy Darling Memory Books! These gorgeous little numbers are the perfect way to document your babe's growth, personality, and interests as they move through all their first times.

Lucy Darling "Baby's First Year Memory Book -Little Camper"Lucy Darling "Baby's First Year Memory Book - Blossoms"

Lucy Darling "Baby's First Year Memory Book - Captain"

If you feel like time is passing you by, and you want to soak up every sweet minute from your little babe, then make sure and take advantage of this sweet offer. These make adorable keepsakes that you will hold on to forever!                     

Whether you're in the market for everyday fun or keeping track of their firsts, Lucy Darling is going to have the most adorable, unique options around! XO

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