Decorate Your Baby's Room With Adorable Oopsy Daisy Wall Art

Decorate Your Baby's Room With Adorable Oopsy Daisy Wall Art

I am currently pregnant with my first baby, so I am in full-fledged nursery design mode. This past week I decided to tackle decorating the walls ... and geez, I am still at square one! I think part of my problem is that I have so many Oopsy Daisy favorites here at The Baby Cubby. So today, I rounded up five prints for each nursery type (girl, boy, and surprise or neutral!) But first, let's get acquainted with this great company! Tom and Karen Capp, founders of Oopsy Daisy, aim to make art that makes a difference! They believe a room is dramatically changed when you introduce artwork that has depth and soul, and elicits an emotional connection. The idea for their business was born alongside their son. As expecting parents, they searched in vain for art that was more than just an accessory. They wanted to engage their child and inspire interest, questions, and interaction. After searching for months and not finding what they wanted, they quit their jobs, moved to California, and launched Oopsy Daisy Fine Art For Kids! Now, let's take a look at some of this beautiful artwork! You can click on each of the images below to be directed to our website to shop each piece of art!

For Your Little Lady's Room:

Fragile : Available as a Canvas Print and Wall Decal

Wild and Free : Available as an Art Print and Wall Decal

Beautiful Ballerina (Blonde) : Available as a Canvas Print

Magic Farmhouse : Available as a Wall Decal

Will Move Mountains : Available as an Art Print or Wall Decal

For Your Little Man's Room:

Ahoy on the Open Seas : Available on Canvas

American Byways Airplane : Available on Canvas

Anchors Away : Available on Canvas

Love you to the Moon : Available on Canvas

For The Surprise Baby's Room:

Come Sail With Me : Available on Canvas

Designer Deer : Available on Canvas

Lets Sleep Under the Stars : Available on

Camp USA : Available as a Wall Decal

Navajo Arrows : Available as a Canvas or Wall Decal
Are you in love?! I would probably purchase each and every piece in this post, if I had somewhere to put it (and if my husband wouldn't have a heart attack.) There are lots of different prints and designs available on our website as well as in our Utah Baby Store!
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