Diaper Bag Comparison: Fawn Design vs. Freshly Picked

Diaper Bag Comparison: Fawn Design vs. Freshly Picked

I still remember when I got my first diaper bag. My mom took me shopping to find a few essentials for my new baby—clothes, bottles, diapers, burp cloths, and a diaper bag to hold all of these important things. I was holding my new baby in my arms when we found “the one,” and it was everything I had imagined it would be! Over the next few years, I used (and loved) that cute, pink diaper bag. Thankfully, diaper bags have come a long way since that time, because what I’m looking for in a diaper bag now is much different than what I wanted when I was eight years old and shopping for my new baby doll. ;)

I love that there are so many gorgeous diaper bags to choose from and that so many of them don’t even look like a traditional diaper bag. Many of them are so cute that I would use them even if I didn’t have a baby. I mean, how convenient would those exterior bottle pockets be for your own water bottle? The Fawn Design and Freshly Picked diaper bags are two of the cutest diaper bags on the market, and I love that you don’t have to sacrifice style or function with either of these bags! Which one is best for you? Let's look a little closer at both of these bags.

Material and Design

Both diaper bags are offered in three colors—gray, brown, and black—and both are made of vegan leather, which makes them more affordable than traditional leather, but still durable. The material of the Fawn Design bag is softer and slightly thicker, and the Freshly Picked bag has more texture, making it feel more like traditional leather. The Fawn Design bag is lined with the same vegan leather that is used on the outside (making it super easy to clean), and the Freshly Picked bag is lined with a wipeable, easy-to-clean nylon. The Fawn Design bag has a more relaxed shape, which might make it a bit more difficult to pack, but it has a very wide opening and large capacity. The Freshly Picked bag is more rigid and easier to keep open while you pack, and I love the wide opening and zipper closure.

Storage and Organization

Both diaper bags have 10 pockets—four on the outside and six on the inside. The Fawn Design bag has two exterior side pockets (great for bottles!) as well as a slip pocket and a zipper pocket on the front. It also has six interior pockets, including two side pockets, a slip pocket, and a zipper pocket. The Freshly Picked bag has two very large exterior side pockets that would even hold a 32 oz water bottle, as well as a zipper pocket on the front and a magazine pocket on the back. And on the inside, you’ll find six additional pockets, including two side pockets and a pocket large enough to hold a laptop!

Carrying Options

The Fawn Design and Freshly Picked bags both have multiple carrying options—backpack, shoulder carry, and cross-body or messenger carry. And the Freshly Picked bag also has a fourth carry option, the grab-and-go handle! I also love that the Freshly Picked bag has detachable backpack straps that can be removed and tucked into the exterior magazine pocket.

Extra Features

Both bags have some really fun extra features! The Fawn Design bag has a key clip near the top on the inside. But by far the best feature is that the lining can be completely turned inside out, making it very easy to clean. The Freshly Picked bag has a cute tassel on the zipper, an included changing pad made of easy-to-wipe nylon, and metal feet on the bottom to help keep your bag clean.


The Fawn Design bag retails at $159.99 and can be purchased in-store or by calling The Baby Cubby here: (801) 770-0584. The Freshly Picked bag retails at $175 and can be purchased in-store, online, or by calling The Baby Cubby here: (801) 770-0584.

To learn more about these cute, stylish, and functional diaper bags, watch our comparison video below. Or if you’d like to learn more about the Fawn Design diaper bag, watch our review. And to learn more about the Freshly Picked diaper bag, watch our review

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Thank you for this post! I’m currently in the market for a new diaper bag and am between these two! My biggest complaint about my current bag is that it requires two hands to zip it up (one hand to steady it and one to pull)- and lets be honest, with two kids, when do I ever have two available hands? ? Any idea if either of these is easier to open/close one/handed than the other? Thank you!!


Both require two hands to zip, but the Freshly Picked bag has a flap so technically you don’t actually have to zip it if you don’t want to. :)

Jackie Hall

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