Diaper Bags: Fawn Design or Freshly Picked?

Diaper Bags: Fawn Design or Freshly Picked?

If you're a mama on the go, you know that the diaper bag is essential. Most mamas are looking for something that is functional, durable, and preferably doesn't look frumpy when you're carrying it around. We mamas are trying to keep the hot mess to a minimum, you know what I'm saying?

 Freshly Picked Diaper Bag- Ebony

Well, two bags that are going to give you the style you want and the storage and carrying options that you need are the Fawn Design and the Freshly Picked diaper bags. These bags are very similar, and are great for mamas looking to keep their hands free with a backpack style bag, while keeping their style on point with the gorgeous vegan leather. If you want to see these bags side-by-side, and get a closer look inside, check out our YouTube video!

Here's a few of the features we love about both bags:


Both these diaper bags definitely don't lack in the storage department. They both have 4 outer pockets and 6 on the inside. You'll be able to store your bottles, diapers, snacks, clothes, and both are even large enough to fit a laptop for the working mamas! They each have wide zipper openings so you won't be struggling to reach in and grab your goods.


The vegan leather used to make both bags gives you that great leather-like look and feel, without breaking your bank. Plus it makes your life way easier because they are super easy to clean #mamawin. The Fawn Design bag is a little smoother and softer, whereas the FP bag has some more texture. Both bags are downright beautiful, and are setting the bar for the stylish diaper bags. You're going to love carrying these around! Plus the gold finishes are the perfect extra detail that makes both of these bags look really high end. They both have a few different ways to wear the bag so it's great for mamas who want to change it up. You can wear it as a backpack, side strap or cross body, and with the Freshly Picked bag you can also carry it by the handle. No matter wha you'll be able to rock the mama game whichever way is easiest for you.  Freshly Picked Diaper Bag- Butterscotch Both bags come in nearly identical shades of Black, Tan and Gray. But FP just blew our minds by releasing three more shades in Birch, Blush, and Navy.

There are a couple of differences that will come right down to preference:


The body styles of the two bags are the only thing that distinctly sets them apart and will probably be your deciding factor when choosing between the bags. The Fawn Design Bag has a more relaxed, slouchy look which makes it a little more casual. This also changes the way you pack your bag and fit things into the main compartment. The Freshly Picked Diaper Bag has a structured, clean look that almost looks like the modern briefcase for the working mama; the rigid bod

y allows for you to pack things into the bag really simply, and ensures that the bag stays upright.


The Fawn Design is lined in the same vegan leather as the outside, so it gives it a nice uniform look, is easy to clean, and BONUS, it can be turned completely inside out to help you with those nasty crumbs and spills. The Freshly Picked Bag is lined in a easy-to-wipe down nylon fabric which allows for a lighter interior making it easier to see everything inside.


The price points are very similar as well, but the FP Diaper Bag comes in about $25 more than the Fawn Design Bag, so if you're looking to save a little bit of money that is something to consider.

Choosing a diaper bag that fits all of your needs as a mama, while still making you feel and look great, is a tall order, but the Fawn Design and Freshly Picked diaper bags are going to give you all the stylish feels and make you excited to head out with your babes!

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