Did You Know The Baby Cubby Carries Native Shoes?

Did You Know The Baby Cubby Carries Native Shoes?

Do you love a go-anywhere and do-anything shoe for your littles? Are you so over tying shoes before heading out the door, or worrying about what shoes your kids have to wear for wherever you're headed that day? Same! That's why Native Shoes make your mama life so much easier!


The Baby Cubby loves giving parents and kids the best, and when it comes to a versatile, durable, and adorable pair of shoes, Natives hit the mark!

Since I have kids that are going into sand, grass, hot pavement, and everywhere in between, I live for a shoe that I don't have to stress over. Natives are totally water safe which makes them perfect for the beach or the splash pad, and they are odor-resistant which, let's be honest, is a must because I don't know a single mama who has time in her day to deal with a stinky pair of shoes. Ew. No.

Native also makes a variety of styles that will help your child do whatever they want to do wherever they want to do it! We carry a few different types at The Baby Cubby that we think are perfect for any kid and any season!


The one that started it all, and the one that you'll see most often is the Jefferson. It's the shoe that is perfect for any age, and will be your go-to for any season. I love that you can slip these on so easy, even on wet little feet, or you can wear them with socks and your littles have a super lightweight and comfortable sneaker that they can knock around in. They come in a bunch of different colors, have a nice thick sole which makes it great for new walkers and big kids!

Jefferson 2.0 Liteknit

A super cool twist on the classic, the Jefferson 2.0 has the same basic design as the Jefferson, but is made from a cool recycled knit fabric, and is styled with the tie-less laces and a sock-like ankle that makes for a really cool look! It's kind of like the cute slip-on's stylish older brother that can skateboard... No? Just me. It's adorable and just as versatile as the original, and it makes your life so much easier when your littles can slip them on and head out the door!

Kensington Treklite Boot

Okay, who doesn't love a kid in a pair of booties? The Kensington Boots have a super comfortable design that are all-weather wearable! They have a foam insert, elastic side panels that make them easier to pull on, and nice grips on the bottom so you don't have to worry about your little slipping and sliding around in rainy weather or on a snow day! They're water-resistant and super easy to clean which make them a go-to bootie for any weather and they're definitely on our back-to-school list this year! And no, mama, you don't need to remind me that my kids will never have a snow day in California... They still need the boots!

Native Shoes are all about making lightweight and wearable shoes for everyone, and they are responsibly made to last. They can even be recycled when they've run their course! Come in store and have your littles try on a pair, or order them online before school starts!

A pair of Natives will see your kids through all different stages, will help support their growing bodies and hobbies, and will hold up through anything life throws your way!

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