Do A Little Dance For The Stance

Do A Little Dance For The Stance

I have had a battle with socks as long as I can remember. Finding the perfect pair for myself has proven to be quite difficult, to say the least! Sure, I am probably far too picky when it comes to socks, but at the same time, I feel like what I am asking for is perfectly justifiable. When I brought tiny humans into the world, my sock battle extended to tiny human socks too!

Stance Toddler Boy Socks - Baby Cubby
Stance Toddler Boy Socks

All I want in a sock is perfect support (not too tight, not too loose), while staying on the feet all day, but also not creeping out over the tops of my shoes. I know, I know that is apparently a lot to ask of a sock, BUT there is pretty much one thing I want in a tiny human sock. I just want it to stay on their feet for crying out loud!

Well, I have found the cure to all of my sock woes! The big and the small ones! That cure is Stance, my friends. The sad thing about this cure? My husband has had an entire drawer full of these for years! I have actually had some too, but they were the classic crew sock kind. Maybe I was living under a rock but I truly had no clue they made different types of socks!

Stance Women's Invisible Socks - Baby Cubby
Stance Women's Invisible Socks

I take that back. I knew they made kids socks, but I also knew I would "never spend that much on baby socks." If you account for all the money I essentially threw in the garbage by baby socks falling off and getting lost everywhere, I should have been buying Stance socks the whole time!

These socks are cute, good quality, and check all of my very realistic (or a bit picky) sock requirement boxes! I will truly never buy another pair of kids socks that aren't Stance from here on out. For myself, I am even buying different types of socks for different "occasions" for the first time in my life. Athletic ones for the gym, no shows for my daily wear sneakers and booties, and I still keep the crew socks around for keeping the ole toes warm around the house at night and in the morning.

Stance Baby Girl Socks - Baby Cubby
Stance Baby Girl Socks

So cheers to you Stance! Thank you for restoring hope in the hopeless hunt for the perfect sock; for all the people in the house! With you in my life, I won't have to retrace my steps looking for the third baby sock I have lost in one week ever again. Do you have sock woes too? Drop into our store in Utah or pop over here to our website to do away with the sock woes once and for all!

Written by: Alyssa Liston

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