Do More Together with the Nuna Demi Grow

Do More Together with the Nuna Demi Grow

Are you in the market for a stroller that can accommodate your growing family? The Nuna Demi Grow could be the answer to all your double stroller dilemmas.

The Demi Grow is Nuna's first-ever double stroller. It can function as a single stroller if needed, and then accommodate a second seat when the time comes, making it a great long-term investment for your family. It is capable of 23 (that's right, 23!) configurations. Whether it's using the Nuna Pipa Car Seat and sibling seat, bassinet with the sibling seat or two sibling seats (just to name a few options), you're bound to find a setup that works for you.

Oh, did someone say bassinet? That's right, you can purchase a bassinet accessory to keep your baby You can even snag the Nuna Demi Grow Bassinet Stand and use it for overnight sleeping. Multi-functional products for the win!

The functionality of the Demi Grow is easy peasy. You can easily swap out accessories and build new configurations in seconds. Reclining the seats for naps on-the-go is a cinch as well. It can also turn on a dime! If you've ever tried to maneuver an inline double stroller, you know that's a huge selling point! The overall ride is super smooth for both parent and child(ren).

Another one of my favorite features is the generous sun shade. Truthfully, I never saw the benefit of a great sunshade until I actually had a baby in the stroller. It makes all the difference! Your strolls will be much more enjoyable when baby can relax without the sun beating down on her whole face. Similar to their Nuna Pipa, the Demi Grow canopy features a Dream Drape extension with integrated mesh panels to provide even more coverage while allowing for maximum airflow around baby.

Now, one concern I've heard from parents is that the sibling seat sits so low and getting their child to sit in it would be a battle. On the contrary, I've found that children are usually absolutely giddy to hop into the lower seat, likely because it's closer to their level. You know how toddlers are about their independence. As an added bonus, the back wheels feature mud flaps so you don't have to worry about the bottom rider getting splashed with muck and mud.'s pretty! The Demi Grow is extremely stylish, as all of Nuna's products are. That's certainly a perk!

You can shop this snazzy stroller and more from Nuna in store or online at

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