Video: DockATot

Video: DockATot

With two size options, this innovative, cozy dock is perfect for your children, whether they're newborns or toddlers.

The DockATot comes in two sizes: the Deluxe+ for 0-8 months and the Grand for 9-36+ months. Your baby can use the DockATot for resting, playing, doing tummy time, and getting diaper changes. They’re ideal for co-sleeping! In addition to being lightweight and portable, we have other fabric covers to match your mood, room, and style. Just zip them on and you're ready to go!

One of the most important things about DockATots is that they are Oeko-Tex certified, meaning that any finishing applied to the fabric is free of harmful chemicals, so they’re safe for your little one’s skin, face and mouth to come into contact with. Most pieces of the dock are machine washable, making cleanup simpler for your routine.

Structurally, the Deluxe+ and the Grand are essentially the same, but the Grand is larger. Either way, the rounded sides help babies and older children settle more easily and reduce the risk of falling out of bed.

Overall, the DockATot is a great tool for keeping your children safe and comfortable as they grow, whether they’re sleeping or playing.

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