Don't Do It Without Doona

Don't Do It Without Doona

Looking out over the blue lake with the wind in my hair, belly full of delicious food and my kiddos busy playing with cousins, I can't help but think for being a pretty turned upside-down year, we've sure made some good memories so far, and I hope you've been able to as well!

It's currently the middle of July, and as you're well aware, the COVID-19 pandemic hit and the world pretty much went crazy--some even go as far as to blame the start of the chaos on Australia burning and Kobe Bryant dying. With recent current events and riots, police brutality and strikes and cries for equality, it really does seem as if everything normal, as we once knew it, is now nothing but a long-distant dream.

My husband and I, along with some friends, had a booked and nearly all-paid for trip to Europe. Our plans included Prague, Rome, Sorrento, and Paris. Of course, it never came to fruition and we had to cancel, (hopefully just postpone!) as with the rest of the world in all their activities. We also had to reschedule a family beach vacation in Southern California with friends as well. Lots of disappointments and frustrations, which all seem so menial when compared to what's going on in the world, which then, in turn, brings on a whole other set of emotions, fear and worry, stress and anxiety, even hopelessness.

As parents to our young, impressionable children, we've done our best to keep them informed and aware of all of the current events that are going on, of course keeping things age-appropriate and sparing details when necessary. But we truly believe knowledge is power. And sharing with them our values and introducing new concepts as well as giving them opportunities to learn and express concerns in a safe, comfortable environment is something that is greatly important to us. They too have been through a whole slew of let-downs lately and the best way to get through it all is to support each other.

Because of the forced slow down, I've been given the chance to spend more time with them, and in ways that I wouldn't normally have chosen. Our garden has become our sanctuary; my girls and I spend hours each week picking raspberries, watering, and admiring the beautiful growing flowers. We have weekly baseball and soccer games in the yard. Bike rides in the evenings to watch the sunset has become a favorite. We had the awesome opportunity to take our 3 oldest children on an amazing hike up near the Tetons in Wyoming. We've camped, and we've gone swimming. My husband and I even got to sneak away on an overnight backpacking trip. Lots of little adventures that I find myself pausing and thinking, "How can it possibly get any better than this?!"

Another great opportunity that has come up for me is the chance to work with Baby Cubby. I'm always amazed at how silver linings appear out of nowhere and how just at the right time all the stars seem to align. Being apart of a great organization/company is amazing, and for sure one of my favorite aspects of the job is sharing all the latest and greatest with my mom friends and family! And of course, when I see products in use that we carry while I'm out and about, I can't help but want to carry out a whole conversation on what they think about the product and how great it is. The Doona car seat is one of those, and you'd better believe I've DM'd friends and family about how much they like their car seat and stroller, haha! Even more exciting is the fact that Baby Cubby is just one of a few retailers that carry the newest Doona Car Seat in Midnight. Kind of awesome.

Though I'm very much out of the baby-stage of motherhood, I can't help but think a stroller/car seat combo would have sure made my life much easier and there aren't many places or activities the Doona doesn't go! Yes, I realize it sure doesn't solve any pandemics, make up for missed vacations, or clear up the dilemma of whether or not to wear face masks. But anything to make life simpler these days, such as awesome innovations like this car seat, is definitely worth it!


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