Don't Miss Out on Maxi-Cosi!

Don't Miss Out on Maxi-Cosi!

Hey mamas, it's closing time for our Maxi-Cosi 15% off sale, and if you've been dragging your feet, it's time to make some moves, because today is the last day you get these amazingly safe and comfortable car seats for a steal!

The Baby Cubby has had their great gear sale going on and I've been telling everyone I know who may be in the market for a car seat to get online and order a Maxi-Cosi. I am a huge fan of their seats, and have absolutely loved every convertible car seat that I've purchased for my kids!

The first convertible seat we purchased was the Maxi-Cosi Pria and it was an absolutely solid seat for more than 3 years for my son. I loved it so much, I got the Pria 85 for my daughter when she sized out of her infant seat. They never complained about feeling pinched or cramped when getting buckled, and the fact that we could throw the covers in the wash was HUGE for my crumbly, sticky littles.

We recently needed to replace both their car seats (raise your hand if you hate car accidents!) and I immediately knew I needed to get new Maxi-Cosi car seats. I wouldn't settle for any other brand! We decided to get the Magellan Convertible Seat for both of them and I am so happy we did. I love that they will last for 10 years, so yes, the entire life of their car seat days, and since it can be used for infants, we can use the Magellan for any future kids (if my husband can convince me at some point!). There are 7 different recline options to help keep your littles rear-facing for longer, and they have 14 different headrest heights so that your kids will be safe in this seat for as long as they need it (up to 120 lbs!).

I cannot recommend the convertible car seats from Maxi-Cosi enough. I mean, they kept my little girl completely safe in our recent car accident, and that sealed the deal for me, mamas! And the fact that you can get them for 15% off online or in store until the end of today means you should stop stalling and just go ahead and take my word for it. You and your littles will love their car seat from Maxi-Cosi!

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