Think Pink with Doona

Think Pink with Doona

You know what is cooler than pink? That’s right, nothing. Do I have pink nails right now? Sure do! How about a pink phone case? You know it. Did I just save up all my money for a fancy pink jacket? Yes, yes I did. And yes, I do have a pink door and laundry room in my house. Pink was the bane of my existence growing up in a world of lightsabers and baseball. I would not be caught dead with anything pink until I realized the reason I hated it so much was because it was “girly” and what in the world was wrong with being “girly?!” Nothing. Girls are cool. 

So, you know October has got to be one of my favorite months because it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and I have every right and excuse to wear pink (also it’s my mom’s birthday so that’s pretty special too).

All month long, people wear pink ribbons to show support and remembrance for breast cancer patients, survivors, and loved ones we have lost. The American Cancer Society has directions on their website on how to make one. Sports teams wear pink adorned jerseys or socks. Our school’s cheer team wears pink ribbons and sport pink poms. Companies change their logos to be pink. Restaurants make pink-themed desserts or appetizers. Clothing lines create pink outfits for the occasion. Others hold events or even host cancer screenings. 

There are many different pink ways to support Breast Cancer Awareness, but this year, supporting the cause is as easy as clicking "Add to Cart." For every Blush Pink Doona purchased through retailers throughout the month, Doona will donate $20 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation to support early detection services, breast health education, and more. Excuse me? Pink, Doona, and a good cause?

Doona Blush Pink

The first time I saw a Doona was at a cheer safety clinic. One of the coaches was wheeling her baby around in the slickest car seat/stroller mix I had ever seen. I was very pregnant at the time and knew I needed one. I mean, how brilliant and seamless? Look at this thing of beauty. 

I am sure you can only imagine a see full of hundreds of cheerleaders. Loud, busy, and oblivious to the movement of traffic in the halls, and yet this coach was zipping effortlessly around the school in spite of it all. Can you imagine airports with this baby? Sporting events? You will never forget your stroller because it is literally your car seat. Why couldn’t I have thought of this? It is phenomenal. 

Doona Blush Pink

I know you are sold, so why not hop on The Baby Cubby’s site and not only get the coolest car seat/stroller ever, but make it pink and help support a great cause.

You can learn more about breast cancer, including risk factors and tips for early detection, on the National Breast Cancer Foundation website. 


Abby Love

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