Due This Fall? 5 Items That Every Mom Should Have On Her Checklist

Due This Fall? 5 Items That Every Mom Should Have On Her Checklist

Congratulations on your new little bundle of joy! Fall is a great time to have a little one at home since you will always have someone to snuggle on cold days when you don't want to leave the house. Unfortunately this benefit also brings up one of the biggest concerns for your new baby, keeping them warm and safe from the cold elements. We at The Baby Cubby know how it feels to worry about your little one and have tried many products for keeping babies warm, here is our list of 5 items that every mom should have on her checklist to keep your baby warm and safe.

Happy Baby Wrap - Sunshine

#1.) Happy Baby Wrap

We humans are lucky because our bodies have the ability to regulate our core temperature and keep us warm or cool depending on our the outdoor temperature. So what better way to keep your baby warm than with your own body? The Happy Baby Wrap is an excellent tool to keep your baby close to your body, not only keeping them warm, but also keeping them from being exposed to unwanted germs, viruses, and other illnesses.

Little Unicorn Cotton Quilt - Navy Stripe

#2.) Little Unicorn Cotton Quilt

As a mom, I have had a hard time finding quilts that are both functional (heavy and warm) and fashionable. Little Unicorn has done an amazing job at meeting both those criteria. The Little Unicorn Cotton Quilts are made out of  layers of cotton muslin and boast adorable prints that all little boys and girls (as well as moms) will love. Not only will you love the look of these quilts, but they will keep your little ones, as well as your not-so-little ones, warm.   

Tea Collection Majadita Y Fraile Blanket and Hat

#3.)Tea Collection Blanket and Hat

Tea Collection always comes through with adorable clothes, and this season they have outdone themselves with adorable blankets and hats. Tea's fabrics are so soft and warm they will be suitable for the smallest baby in your family. The Tea Collection Majadita Y Fraile Blanket and Hat feature prints inspired by Argentina and are great for keeping your little one warm while on the go or snuggling up by the fire at home.

JJ Cole Urban Bundle Me - Infant

#4.) JJ Cole Urban Bundle Me Infant

We all know that moms are busy and are always out and about. The JJ Cole Urban Bundle Me is a perfect accessory for keeping your baby protected from the elements, whether they are in the stroller or the car seat. The outer fabric is weather-resistant and lined with soft thermaplush so it super soft and warm. This liner fits all strollers and car seats so you dont have to worry about buying new gear.  

Goumikids Newborn Set - Sketch Blue

#5.) Goumikids Newborn Set

From day one I was worried about keeping my little one's little pinkies and toes warm - shoot, I have a hard time keeping my own toes warm! We love the Goumikids Newborn Set for keeping our baby's head, hands, and feet warm while still keeping them mobile and cute. All the products made by Goumikids are lined with the softest fabric and are easy to put on and take off so you don't have to struggle with your little one. These mitts are also great year-round for keeping newborn babies from scratching their faces with their nails. This is a baby shower favorite so if you are not expecting a baby of your own, pick one up for the expectant mother in your life. We understand that as a soon-to-be mom you have a lot to consider and worry about, so hopefully this can help ease your mind a little bit. Check out some of our other great products that make your life easier at thebabycubby.com.
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