Video: Elegant Cruising with the Silver Cross Coast Stroller

Video: Elegant Cruising with the Silver Cross Coast Stroller

Although associated with the British Crown, you don't have to be royalty to purchase the Silver Cross Coast Stroller.

Derived from the original inventor of the modern pram in the late 1800s, Silver Cross is known for their luxurious materials and extra-smooth glide through 4-wheel suspension. Featuring a sleek black magnesium alloy frame and Oxford-woven fabrics in the handlebar, this stroller is comfy for you and baby.

It comes with both a bassinet and a seat, which you can switch out as your child grows. If you have another kid on the way, you can purchase additional accessories to turn it into a double stroller. In fact, the Coast can be rearranged with up to 27 different modes, single or double, bassinets or seats.

If you're nearby, head over to our store and test out this amazing stroller in person!

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