Video: Embrace the Classics with BabyLit

Video: Embrace the Classics with BabyLit

Let's say you've made a habit of reading Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice every year or so, and you want to share this love for a classic with your little one. BabyLit has made that possible!

All of BabyLit's products strike a chord with the book fanatics inside of us. Whether it's a BabyLit classic—which teaches concepts like colors and numbers to 0-3 year olds through the lenses of Louisa May Alcott or Mark Twain—or a BabyLit storybook—which offers a condensed retelling of a classic novel for 3-5 year olds—you can share your lovable bookworm tendencies with your child.

These durable, colorful books will turn your home into a beginner's library. So go ahead: pull out that Jane Austen BabyLit and introduce your kids to Ms. Bennet and Mr. Darcy.

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Embrace the Classics with BabyLit | All About The Mom

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