Exploring the World Through Play

Exploring the World Through Play

Is it just me or do all our kids reach a certain age when the only thing they want to do is explore? They want to get into everything, open things, find out how they work, and what's inside.

When our curious little ones have the urge to play and explore, they need the right tools. And no, I don't mean your hand mixer attachments...I still have no idea where that whisk is. The great thing about having kids is everything we introduce them to will be exciting and fun (at least the first time) and they'll love learning about new things without even knowing it! Toys are one of the easiest ways to help out with their development of real life skills, gross and fine motor skills, and important concepts like sorting, matching and patterns. When our babes get their hands on a toy that helps them attach and detach, fit and match, see and feel, or even listen, they're starting the long journey of learning through play.

Hape Toys Beaded Raindrops

If you've got an adventurous little on your hands who needs some fun projects, try these easy-for-mama to put together (and clean up) activities using some perfectly adorable learning toys!

Hape Star Magnifier

Get a closer look at the world around you with the Hape Star Magnifier! You can start with showing your babe how to look through the glass to make small things look bigger. Get outside and find some leaves or rocks, and get ready for a day full of "oohs" and "ahhs" when they start to see the little details in the world around them. Water is also another fun way to get their hands "dirty" while they're learning new things! Fill up a bucket with some water and fill it with anything you want! I love doing this with the little marbles or beads from the craft store. Have them scoop them out of the bucket and use their magnifying glass to see the way water changes the way things look.

Hape Fit-It Tool Box

Work Zone ahead! The Hape Fix-it Tool Box is the perfect toy for your little contractor to use when he's ready to get to work. If you're okay with the noise, set up a few different materials like your metal pot, a plastic bowl, or a pillow. Have your little worker try out the hammer and nails on all the different materials and explain how different things make different sounds. Make sure and point out any time you see construction going on when you're in the car or on your walk to the park. This will help them understand that the things they're learning, and doing at home, are also done in other places! This tool box is great because it lets your sweet little builder hammer, screw or wrench the pegs in and out of the holes in the box. You'll be able to help them work on turning and twisting, correctly holding their tools, and how different tools do different things. For example, my hairbrush is not an appropriate tool for cleaning the toilet. Thanks, sweetie! Sounds make the world a fun, exciting place! Sometimes it's okay for our kids to be LOUD and sometimes we should keep things a little quieter. When we hear music we want to dance, and when we hear a horn honk we turn our heads to see the car. Another fun sound is the changes in the weather.

Hape Beaded Raindrops

Rain, thunder, wind, or even the crunch of snow are all fun ways to explore outside and how our world can change from day to day. The Hape Beaded Raindrops stick is a great way to bring the sounds of the world into your own home. Have a fun day getting dressed up in rainy-day clothes and have your babe use their rainstick to make the rain harder or softer. You can dress for both warm and cold weather too and practice zipping up jackets and putting on sandals or boots.

 Our kids can have a blast when they have the right tools and toys to let their imaginations go wild. Let them explore and learn by playing with new, simple toys. The learning will never end!

Play on, mamas. XO

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