FAQ: The Nuna REVV Rotating Convertible Car Seat

FAQ: The Nuna REVV Rotating Convertible Car Seat

The Nuna REVV is a luxurious rotating convertible car seat that is here to ensure our days of bumping our kids' heads against the car while loading up are over! Its revolutionary ability to rotate 360 degrees makes it so easy to load your little one in and out, plus it has all the luxury and dependability you've come to expect from Nuna. Let's go over some questions you may have about it!

Q: Can the Nuna REVV face forward AND backward?

A: Yes. It converts from an infant car seat to a forward facing seat as your baby grows. It comes with removable support wedge and merino wool infant head and body inserts for your infant.

Q: How many recline positions does the Nuna REVV have?

A: There are 5 recline positions, in both forward and rear-facing modes, making a total of 10 possible positions!

Q: How long can my child use the Nuna REVV?

A: Your child can ride rear-facing from birth to 40 lbs. – 43 in. max; Forward-facing from 25-40 lbs. – 43 in. max. (Approx. 4 to 5 years old)

Q: Does the Nuna REVV have an anti-rebound bar?

A: Yes. The integrated rebound bar helps minimize rotation during impact and doubles as a carry handle when switching cars.

Q: What's included with the Nuna REVV?

A: In the box, you'll get the REVV car seat, two dishwasher safe cup holders, and GOTS™ organic cotton infant head & body inserts.

Q: Do you have to re-install the Nuna REVV when you switch from rear-facing to forward facing?

A: No. With one simple installation, the REVV can spin from forward to rear-facing positions.

Q: Will REVV spin in any recline position? 

A: Yes, REVV can rotate for easy loading in or out in any recline position both rear and forward-facing.

Q: Is the Nuna REVV a safe car seat?

A: Absolutely. Aeroflex™ side impact protection system and EPP energy absorbing foam takes security to the next level. Ultra resilient, top of the line plastics and steel reinforcement make for a heavy duty, secure shell. 

Q: Is the Nuna REVV heavy?

A: The Nuna REVV weighs 32 lbs.

Q: Are the inserts on the Nuna REVV machine washable?

A: Yes. The fabrics on the REVV inserts are machine washable and fire re-resistant without the use of chemical retardants.

Drop us a comment below if you have any more questions about this amazing car seat! Visit us in store or online to pick up your own new Nuna REVV!

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