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FAQ: The Nuna TRVL Stroller

We're thrilled to have the Nuna TRVL at The Baby Cubby! It is an ideal stroller that's perfect for travel and so much more! There's a lot to talk about with this one, so we wanted to address some common questions you may have about it:

What age is the Nuna TRVL for? 

The TRVL can be used from birth to 50 lbs. NUNA recommends that the TRVL be used with a PIPA series infant car seat until the child is able to sit up unaided (usually around 6 months old), and then they graduate to the stroller seat.

Can you use a car seat with the Nuna TRVL? 

Yes! You can use all Nuna PIPA series car seats with the TRVL for a convenient travel system!

Nuna TRVL modes

Does the Nuna TRVL need adapters to add a car seat? 

No! Nuna PIPA series car seat attach directly to the TRVL with no adapters required. Just a quick and easy click.

How much does the Nuna TRVL weigh? 

The TRVL weighs 13.60 lbs without the canopy or the arm bar.

What are the folded and unfolded dimensions of the Nuna TRVL?

TRVL OPEN DIMENSIONS (IN.) - 32.5 x 20.25 x 44

TRVL. FOLDED DIMENSIONS (IN.) - 24* x 20.25 x 11 (*with arm bar removed)

Is the Nuna TRVL arm bar removable?

Yes! It is removable and can also rotate. 

Can you take the Nuna TRVL on an airplane?  

You can enjoy the use of the TRVL stroller up to the gate, then place in the included carry bag to check it at the gate! Gate check allows you to use your stroller throughout the airport right up until the moment before boarding, and to pick up the stroller upon exiting the plane. Or you can check with your airline ahead of time to see if the TRVL will fit into the overhead bin. The dimensions of the TRVL stroller are 24 x 20.25 x 11.

Is the Nuna TRVL allowed at Disneyland? 

Yes. Strollers larger than 31" (79 cm) x 52" (132 cm) are not allowed in Disneyland, and the TRVL is well within those limits.

Is the Nuna TRVL easy to fold? 

Yes! The TRVL has a super easy and convenient one-hand fold. With the push of a button, it automatically folds itself into a compact, self-standing fold. Once folded, you can easily carry it by the arm bar.

Is the carry bag included?

Yes! The carry bag comes with your stroller purchase.

Nuna TRVL with travel bag

Drop us a comment below if you have any more questions about the awesome Nuna TRLV stroller! If you're ready to jet set and want a TRVL of your own, check it out online or in store!

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Hi Sue,
The TRVL doesn’t require an adapter with any of the Nuna PIPA series car seats. Unfortunately, it doesn’t accommodate the Nuna Bassinet, with or without an adapter.

The Baby Cubby

I bought NUNA Trvl lite system for my grandson. You do not need the adapter ring when using car seat with stroller (newborn)? Also, can this stroller accommodate the bassinet with an adapter if wanted?

Sue Beaudette

Hi Jennie,
The TRVL doesn’t have a strap or another grab handle so you would need to pick it up from its side to make it most convenient to carry without the belly bar.

The Baby Cubby

hi, I was wondering can you carry the Nuna TRVL stroller conveniently still if you remove the arm bar?

Jennie Leung

Hi Talar,

The TRVL does sit upright. It still has a slight recline, but if you look at the picture of it on our website (linked above) you will see its upright position to help you decide if that works for you.

The Baby Cubby

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