Fashion Flair with The Mighty Co.

Fashion Flair with The Mighty Co.

There is a tiny human in my home who turned two exactly three weeks ago. She is a toddler through and through, and she is also a girly girl through and through. Somedays I forget to pull a bow out of the closet to put in her hair, but she never forgets to remind me about said bow! I absolutely love it because I have always loved my accessories. The trick now is finding all the little flair out there to fit my spunky little lady's personality!

My mom always says to me "you always find the cutest stuff for her--there was never anything that cute when you were little!" That statement has been verified by a few of my aunts and family friends that had kids in the 90s era (where my other 90s babies at?!). So, lucky us that we have so many more fun options for our kiddos, both boy and girl! Our husbands might not be too excited about it though? OOPSIE!

I love that accessories these days are still playful and suitable for a child's desire, but are a little less "typical" or "cheesy" if you will. Don't get me wrong, my daughter has been wearing her Elsa dress and crown out of the house since Christmas day. I definitely believe in fostering and supporting a child's taste and desire! But, sometimes her taste and mine align perfectly and that really is fun! I have even started to notice that she has a desire to wear things because I am wearing them! Today I wanted to share a few things that we are loving in our house for this fun new stage.

For The Hair

The Mighty Co
 The Mighty Co. Large Bow Headband

One of the easiest ways I have found to let my daughter express herself is with hair styles and accessories! She loves to pick which hairstyle we are going to do that day, and then the bow to go with it! I usually ask her if she wants to wear one bow or two bows that day, and then tell her hairstyle options once she answers. Her current favorite is a braid with a bow at the top, and she is always so proud when I finish and she can look in the mirror! It makes my mom heart explode with love to see her so happy and proud.

When she was younger, I invested in a lot of really nice leather, and hand tied bows, just like these from The Mighty Co.! As she grew and started to yank and pull at them I never worried about them being ruined. When she started to get enough hair to wear clips instead of headbands, I simply snipped the headband off and replaced it with a clip! We are still using the same bows at two years old! I also love bows that are a little different than the usual shape. The Mighty Co. bows provide just that with their strong pointed corners!

For Fancy Wrists

June + Penny Coral Stackable Bracelet
June + Penny Coral Stackable Bracelet

My younger brother gifted my daughter the most adorable necklace with her initial on it for her birthday!  She absolutely loves it because she has always loved my jewelry. The problem is that she isn't very gentle with it, and it makes me nervous to have something around her neck. So how do we fix the problem? With a bracelet of course!! They are so fun, and I honestly think she enjoys it more than a necklace because she can look at it and show it to everyone around her. She isn't much gentler with the bracelet than she was with the necklace, so I didn't want to just buy a cheapo bracelet that would easily break. June + Penny bracelets are my fave! There are SO many different color and style options, and they are quality made. I honestly wish a few of their bracelet types would fit me!

For The Tiny Independent

The Mighty Co. Fringe Purse
The Mighty Co. Fringe Purse

We have arrived at the phase where we sometimes leave the house with multiple little friends or items in tow. Of course I can put little trinkets in my diaper bag, but she doesn't want them there. If you have a determined and particular little person in your midst, you know how that goes. Things that allow her to be independent, but also allow me to not have to chase tiny toys all over the place are really the salt of the earth. Toddler-sized backpacks and purses have become a real favorite in our house! My little lady loves getting to pack her own bag and have it sitting on her lap in the car! Even though she is the one to put everything into it, everything she pulls out of her purse is like a grand surprise. Isn't it so fun to see your kids' excitement for the smallest things in life?!

Aren't girl accessories so fun?! The best part is that there are so many options out there, you really won't run out of options! Whether you have a little newborn that really wears whatever bow or bracelet you want them to, or a toddler that knows exactly what they want, there is a fit for you! Looking for a fun way to let your girly pick out her own little pieces? Come visit us in our Utah store! We would love to meet you and watch your little princess express herself!

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