Fat Brain Toys: A Gift for Parents and Kids

Fat Brain Toys: A Gift for Parents and Kids

So here's the deal... If anyone buys my kids another toy that makes any sort of noise, I will lose my mind. LOSE IT.

And with Christmas come and gone, you can absolutely bet the farm that I have returned anything that was sent to us that is going to sing the ABC's or blare a siren. Am I the worst mom ever? Possibly. But do I need another thing in this home that makes annoying noises? No. I definitely do not. 

Fat Brain Toys

So if you're anything like me and want to make sure your kids have some toys to play with that will be engaging and fun, but will not make you want to cry every time they use it, then Fat Brain Toys is the gift that just keeps on giving!

Fat Brain Toys are perfect for all kids--from teeny babes to big kids. They're designed to be colorful, fun, and help your little ones' minds work to fit pieces together, watch how things work, or solve the right pattern.

Here are few of our faves that you can either get for your own kids or give as the perfect gift to any littles in your life (and be sure that their parents will not resent you forever).

Rollobie (Blue)

Rollobie is such a great sensory toy for your little babes who are teething, or who love touching different fabrics and textures, and want to put everything they see in their little mouths. This sweet toy will roll around, rattle, and give your babe tons of sensory excitement!


A long time fave, this is such a fun toy for kids of any age! It's a take on the classic ring tower, but the gears roll down the pole as you "stack them" and they roll off when you're ready to start all over. I'm telling you, both my 18-month-old and my 4-year-old will play with this for hours! Maybe even together... but I'm not getting my hopes up.

Squigz Deluxe Set

If you have a builder in your house who loves fitting things together or using their imagination to see airplanes or robots, then they will fall in love with these! The options are endless and you'll pretty much just hear "POP" all day as your little one creates!

Peek-a-doodle Doo!

Peek-a-doodle-doo is such a fun game to have when you have kids that are obsessed with memory or games they can play with friends. Easy enough that toddlers can play, but fun enough for bigger kids, this game is a great way to work on concentration and memory with kids, as well as working on taking turns and learning how to win/lose when they're playing with others.

Thankfully there are toys that will capture your kids' attention, keep them entertained, and will not drive you out of your mind at the same time! Fat Brain Toys are going to be a fave in your home as soon you see how much fun your littles have without all the beeping and noise!

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