Feeling the Love of Mary Meyer

Feeling the Love of Mary Meyer

As every grandma likes to say, "There's no such thing as too many stuffed animals." Well, let me tell you, Mary Meyer is one brand of soft and snuggly friends that grandma would definitely approve of! Mary Meyer was a wife and mother with a mission of making a little bit of money for her family during the Great Depression by sewing animal cushions. Her cushions slowly evolved into stuffed animals. Years later her legacy is still honored, and the tradition of bringing cuddly love into your child's arms continues!

With a beautiful origin story like this, we can't help but fall in love with the snuggly softness of a Mary Meyer stuffed animal. From alligators and buffalo to rattles and pacifier clips, there's a wide variety of products to choose from. Baby Cubby is excited to share our newest additions with you.

I might be slightly biased, but I'm pretty sure every little boy needs a stuffed buffalo as a lovable buddy! How sweet is he?!

This is just a sneak peek of all the newest of Mary Meyer that Baby Cubby can't wait to show off! You can check them all out, just in time for Christmas shopping. I guarantee your sweet kiddos will not be disappointed!


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