Finding (and Keeping Track of) Cute Socks for Your Whole Family

Finding (and Keeping Track of) Cute Socks for Your Whole Family

One day, when our son was around a year old, my husband, son, and I were out shopping when we realized our little boy had lost one of his shoes. We realized it while we were still at the store, so we retraced our steps and ran all over the store looking for them. I even ran to the customer service desk and called the store a couple days later to see if someone turned it in, but we never found his shoe! Since they were my favorite shoes we had ever bought for him, I was so, so sad!

I know I'm not the only mama who has lost their baby's shoe or sock while I was out and about, and this definitely wasn't the only time this happened to us. We also lost a bunch of his tiny baby socks in the laundry (I SWEAR the washer eats them!), and it got so frustrating! When your babies are that little, you're already buying new clothes for them every other day (or at least, it feels like it) because they're growing so fast, so when you have to buy things just because they got lost, it can get more than a little bit frustrating.

I still don't know how to avoid losing your little one's shoes and socks when you're out and about, but I have tried a few things to help me keep track of them while they're in the laundry, and I finally found the BEST way to do this! I used to use those little safety pins people use for cloth diapers, and that definitely helped keep matches together. But the diaper pins also made little holes and occasionally snagged his little socks. So then I decided to try a new method, and I love it! Now I use these great little zippered, mesh laundry bags, throw all of his socks in those to wash and dry, and then they're super easy to sort and fold when they're all clean.

As an added bonus, it keeps all of his socks together if that load of laundry ends up sitting in a laundry basket (or on the couch) for a few days before I get around to folding them. Which, let's be honest, happens ALL the time! And if I need to find a pair of socks before I fold all of his laundry, it's so much easier to dig around in the laundry basket and find the mesh bag than it is to find two loose socks!

Now that I finally found a way to keep our washer and dryer from eating his socks, I'm feeling confident enough to step away from the twelve-pack of plain, white socks and buy my little boy socks that are cute, comfortable, and durable. If we're actually going to be able to keep track of them, I think it will definitely be worth the investment! If you're also looking for high-quality and comfortable socks for your family, check out all these cute, new designs from Stance Socks!

Stance Socks for Boys

Stance Boys Socks - Classic Crew - Boyd

Stance Socks Boys - Dinomyte Black

Stance Boys Socks Cushion Crew - Sunset Surfin Monkey

Stance Socks for Girls

Stance Girls Socks Cushion Crew - Roll On

Stance Girls Socks Invisible - Shady

Stance Girls Socks Box Set - XO

Stance Socks for Men

Stance Mens Socks Classic Crew - Harries

Stance Mens Socks Classic Crew - Leckey

Stance Mens Socks Cushion Crew - Spek

Stance Mens Socks - Krane Black
Stance Mens Socks Classic Crew - Bagheera
Stance Mens Socks Cushion Crew - Bring the Heath
Stance Mens Socks Cushion Crew - Sunset Surfin Monkey
Stance Mens Socks Super Ankle - University of Utah

With so many fun styles to choose from, I'm sure you'll be able to find the perfect socks for every member of your family! And trust me, the zippered laundry bags are the way to go to keep your washer and dryer from eating the smallest socks in your laundry basket! Now if only someone could tell me how to make sure I don't lose a baby's socks when you're out and about!

Written by: Angela Walston

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