Fridababy Favorites

Fridababy Favorites

Sometimes in the chapters of parenthood, you get to see and do some not-so-pleasant things.

Clean up endless amounts of spit up, change endless amounts of dirty diapers, and the like. Fridababy is a solutions-based brand that creates simple, yet genius, products that makes these dirty jobs a little more enjoyable. Well, as enjoyable as these things can get.

The Windi

The Windi has affectionately earned the name of "bum whistle" from my husband. Fridababy also calls this "the gasspasser."

How does the Windi work? After gently massaging baby's belly to get the gas party going, lubricate the Windi using something such as coconut oil, and insert it into baby's bum. Have a diaper ready, cause it could get messy. Listen for the whistle (hence the name "bum whistle") to signal sweet relief. After that, toss the Windi, and enjoy a happier babe.

The NoseFrida

The NoseFrida is also know as "the snotsucker." That really paints a picture for you, doesn't it? This little gadget is used for, you guessed it, sucking snot! Bulb syringes are a thing of the past. The NoseFrida makes clearing your little one's nasal passages a cinch! I tell every new parent to be armed with this before her baby arrives.

You see, babies can really only breathe out of their nose for the first few months, which can be problematic if their nose is inundated with the boogies. Don't be alarmed--the NoseFrida is completely hygienic and I can guarantee you won't end up with snot in your mouth. That's an obvious concern for everyone. I promise I would not promote something that left me with booger mouth.

The NailFrida

You know what's tragic? Accidentally cutting your baby's finger while trimming their teeny-tiny nails--that can be traumatizing for everyone. The NailFrida, or "snipperclippers", reduce the likelihood of that happening. You can easily see what you're doing through the "safety spyhole" to nail (no pun intended) baby's manicure every single time.

Parenthood. It's messy and beautiful. Being armed with the right gadgets can make it less messy and even more beautiful.

If you're still not sold on these Fridababy favorites, let me tell you that if you've never seen Fridababy's product videos on Youtube, they might just sell you! Their branding is clever and witty - two qualities that can really sell me on a product. Dash on over to their Youtube page to check them out!

Shop these Fridababy favorites and more in store or online at!

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