Fridababy Makes Life Easy!

Fridababy Makes Life Easy!

We all will have to deal with that panicking moment when our little one isn't feeling well and there is NOTHING WE CAN DO TO HELP THEM! Whether they're stuffed up and can't sleep, or they have major tummy bubbles and they can't sleep, or they have a fever and they can't sleep... Yeah, okay, so maybe most of my parenting problems center around lack of sleep. Here are some things to think about:

But seriously, when it comes right down to it, having sick kids is the most helpless feeling, because when our babes are tiny they can't tell us what's wrong and medicine isn't always the cure-all solution.

That's where Fridababy comes in to make your life so. much. easier.

Fridababy designs products that help our upset babies that ACTUALLY GET THE JOB DONE. Let me take you through a few of my faves and give you a little glimpse into their genius.

Nasal Aspirator

So this is by far my favorite product by Fridababy, and it is something I pull out all the time when my kids are sick! Before your kids are able to blow their noses by themselves, and you can hear all the gunk in their noses that is making them uncomfortable, this is going to change your life.

They've nicknamed this little beauty the "snot sucker" because that's exactly what it does, and it's disgustingly perfect. You stick the tube in their nose, and you use the hose to suck up the snot. There's a little blue filter inside to keep you safe from all the nastiness, and you just rinse and sanitize it with a little rubbing alcohol after each use.

Will your kids squirm, cry, and make the whole process a little (lot) tough? Probably. BUT the results are so worth it, mama! This is a cold/flu season must for our fam!

Windi Baby Gas Catheter

Okay, this cutie looks unassuming, but it is quite possibly the hardest working tool in the Fridababy bunch. SO many mamas ask for tips to help with their littles one when they have bad gas, bubbles in their tummies, or trouble burping. All these problems make our babes turn into little monsters! But the Windi Baby helps relieve the pressure and make your littles happy again!

Pretty simple: Just insert the catheter into babe's bum and wait for the whistle. This lets you know that the gas is being released. MAMA TIP: Have a diaper on hand and ready to wrap baby up in it as soon as the whistle stops blowing, because you're probably in for a messy situation soon after!

FeverFrida Thermomonitor Sensor

The only thing worse than a fever keeping your baby awake at night? WAKING your baby up at night to take his/her temperature. Yeah, no thanks, mamas. Talk about a fool-proof way to make sure your babe's temp isn't getting too high when they sleep-- the Fever Frida attaches to the inside of your little's arm and checks their temp every few seconds. It's connected through bluetooth and sends your phone alerts when it gets too high!

This thermometer is next level because it will store info on how often to give medicine and how much! It gives you peace of mind to know that when your sick babe does fall asleep, they are sleeping safely and soundly!

There's nothing worse than a sick babe, except for maybe not being able to help them feel any better! But with Fridababy, you will be able to take back some control and help your littles through their tough nights and get to feeling better more quickly!

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