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Fun Facts About Halloween

Halloween is a spooky, fun-filled holiday so many of us love to celebrate each year, but how many facts do we actually know about Halloween? I found some fun--and just downright weird--facts about the holiday to add some fun trivia to your Halloween dinner party this year

1. The holiday is said to come from Irish immigrants in the 1800s when they left Ireland during the potato famine and entered the US. 

2. The carving of pumpkins came later on, at first they would use potatoes, beets, and turnips. 

3. The Jack-o-lantern comes from a story of Stingy Jack. The story says that a Irish man named Jack tricked the devil and had to roam the earth with a lantern.

4. Would you eat a candy called chicken feed? The popular candy corn was first named chicken feed!! Some people may think it actually tastes like that (myself included). 

5. If you want to know what candy is most popular in each state you can visit that ranks the top three and tells you the amount sold in pounds. 

6. The Guinness world record for heaviest pumpkin is a pumpkin weighing 2,624.6, and is held by Mathis Willemijns from Belgium. 

7. There is a folk tale that says if you wear your clothes inside out and walk backwards on Halloween you will see a witch at midnight. 

8. Harry Houdini, a famous magician, he happened to die on the magical day of October 31, 1926. 

9. Pumpkin is classified as a fruit, not a vegetable.

10. The blockbuster movie Halloween was originally titled Babysitter Murders, and was filmed in just 21 days. 

Add some fun and facts to your Halloween dinner party this year and make a fun game of trivia! Winner gets the first plate of dessert.. and loser gets to turn their clothes inside-out and walk backwards?

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