Function and Style with the Sakura Bloom Ring Sling

Function and Style with the Sakura Bloom Ring Sling

SakuraBloom Slings are a luxurious accessory that allows you to stay close to you little one by wearing them in style and comfort. It is no surprise that it was created by model and parent, Amanda Booth. Amanda's life changed when she became a mom, and not in the way that most parents live's do. For the last year Amanda and her husband have been raising their son Micah who has Down Syndrome. Micah's special needs ignited his parent's love for baby wearing, specifically using slings. This babywearing technique essentially allowed Micah's parents to keep him upright and close throughout the day while allowing them to be hands free so they could still get things done.

If you are wondering about the differences between a ring sling and a traditional baby carrier then be comforted in that there won't be many. Ring slings operate much like a traditional carrier (baby is in an upright sitting position with their thighs supported, extra fabric is available to use for a sunshade or nursing cover, and there will be a wide piece of fabric across your back to provide support for while carrying the baby). The  main difference is the style of the carrier and the ease of use. With a sling, you literally have to slip it up over your head, place your child in it, and spread the fabric out across your back and underneath your child's thighs or place them in a "pouch" if they are still small enough. It's just that easy. Here's a handy video to show you exactly what to do for a newborn - three months:

And for older toddlers (I know, cool, right?!):

You can also do an amazing back carry for when your back needs a break!

We love that Amanda has incorporated her experience in the fashion industry by creating utterly beautiful slings that don't take away from your outfit - but actually enhances it.  These slings are made out of some of the finest materials like hand-loomed dupioni silk and spun flax Belgian linen. Don't know what those are? Me either, but they sure are pretty and feel like a dream. There are a few different styles that will have you swooning all day long like the Sakura Bloom Classic Sling , Sakura Bloom Chambray Sling, and Sakura Bloom Silk SlingLook below to find your favorite style. You'll look amazing in no time, even after that third day without a shower ;) Sakura Bloom's Classic Sling made from high quality spun flax linen. Five times stronger than cotton and naturally antibacterial. Awesome.

Sakura Bloom Classic Sling - Wheat
 Sakura Bloom Classic Sling - Storm
Sakura Bloom Classic Sling - Port

Sakura Bloom Classic Sling - Maple

Sakura Bloom Classic Sling - Driftwood

Sakura Bloom's Chambray Slings are still created from that lovely high quality linen, but with two different colors weaved together, providing a beautiful sheen and luxurious feel.

Sakura Bloom Chambray Sling - Black Currant

Sakura Bloom Chambray Sling - Twig

Sakura Bloom Chambray Sling - Raisin

Sakura Bloom Chambray Sling - Marin

Sakura Bloom's Silk Slings are quite the statement piece! Made out of dupioni silk which is both breathable and lightweight, you will be the belle of the playgroup as you carry your little one in this!

Sakura Bloom Silk Sling - Ink/Marcona

Sakura Bloom Silk Sling - Blackout/Jet

Just one last note: since all of Sakura Bloom's fabrics are high quality, you and your little will never get too hot or too cold - you will always be just right! And as you become more and more adept at baby wearing, you will be able to perform more complicated carries which will only give you more options. As an added bonus, because Sakura Bloom rotates colors out so often older colors may be more valuable than what they were originally bought for! So, you can definitely look at these as not only a fantastic piece of gear, but a long-term investment! Have you ever carried a child in a Sakura Bloom ring sling? How did you like it? We would love to hear your experiences in the comments below!! Always, Michelle Anne

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