Functional and Beautiful Nursery Decor

Functional and Beautiful Nursery Decor

Whether you're nesting or just want to add some pizazz to your child's room, The Baby Cubby is your go-to in nursery decor. We understand that when it comes to decorating your child's room, you want things that work for you and not against you (we're looking at you, overly clunky changing table). That's where our collection of functional and beautiful nursery decor comes in.

Use this list to amp up your child's nursery with function, ease, and gorgeous details. From furniture to flourishes, we've got a great host of dazzling decor up our sleeves:

1. Keep it Simple and Smell-Free: The Ubbi Diaper Pail

Grey Ubbi Diaper Pail

Let's talk diapers for a moment: they're everywhere. Newborns especially know how to fill a house with diapers, and the last thing you want is for the nursery (or anywhere, for that matter) to smell like stale pee or something more sinister. So, the ideal solution comes in the form of one of the greatest inventions out there: the covered diaper pail! Now you can keep all the diapers, and their smell, in one, compact and odor-absorbent place. We love the Ubbi Diaper Pail because, unlike other plastic versions, this steel one doesn't hold an odor. The colors can also blend in (or stand out) with your nursery's other decor and colors, leaving a clean and simple place to put all those diapers. Think diapers might not be that big of a deal? Believe you me, this is money well-spent and your nose will thank you later.

2. Pamper Yourself: Lorena Canal Washable Rugs

 Lorena Canal Washable Rug - Stripes Coral Pink

Rugs are always a nice addition to any room, but if there ever was a place for a washable rug, it's the nursery, am I right? Seriously, the stains are no-sweat when you have one of these adorable Lorena Canal Washable Rugs! There's a color and design for every type of room, whether you're going for rustic, chic, or hipster. View the complete description of rug designs on The Cubby Community Blog! Enjoy the softness of these rugs underfoot while basking in your ability to throw them in the wash from time to time. You deserve it!

3. Prepare for the Future: DaVinci Glenn 4-in-1 Convertible Crib

 DaVinci Glenn 4-in-1 Convertible Crib with Toddler Rail Included

Every child is different and there's no real way to predict at what point yours will be in a need of a toddler bed. My kid was climbing/falling out of his crib at 17-months-old, so we got to deal with that unpleasantness earlier than we originally thought. My point is the best investment is in an adjustable crib that fits your needs through the years. When it comes to convertible cribs, you also want to keep safety in mind, too. Choose the DaVinci Glenn 4-in-1 to meet all your needs, even when unexpected changes arise!

4. Not Just a Nursery Chair: The DaVinci Upholstered Glider

 DaVinci Upholstered Glider in Dark Grey

Gliders are all the rage for most moms because they provide just the right amount of movement without a lot of work from you, which becomes mighty helpful during those long nights. At the same time, lots of moms just don't know what to do with the chair once their baby grows out of nighttime feedings; that's where the DaVinci Uphostered Glider comes in!

Just picture it: the perfect chair for momming and entertaining! You read that right! You can actually keep this chair in your living room, or nursery, because it's upholstered. Not only will the quality upholstery keep it nice for years to come, but it also keeps the chair from looking out-of-place in a social gathering. Now that's functionality for you!

No matter what colors or designs you decide on, any and all of the above items will provide you with practical help and a classic look for that dream team nursery decor set-up! Let us know if we missed some of your favorite functional nursery items in the comments.

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I have been trying to find some ideas for decorating my kid’s room. I really like the white furniture and the little squishy pig from the picture on the top. So cute. Thank you.


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