New Arrivals! Say Hello to New Styles of Lorena Canals Nursery Rugs!

New Arrivals! Say Hello to New Styles of Lorena Canals Nursery Rugs!

Lorena Canals - a company named for its founder - started out 25 years ago making children’s room decor. Twelve years ago, the company began focusing on eco- and family-friendly rugs with elegant designs and simple care instructions. These rugs are bedroom and playroom staples (or any other room in the house!) with bold or neutral designs, totally natural dyes, and super-easy care instructions. The rugs are all machine washable for ultimate convenience, so whether you need to wash away regular signs of use or are dealing with bigger spills, cleaning is easier than ever. Now for the fun part...the shopping! 

The Hippy

This awesome rug comes in four colors: mint, soft blue, yellow, and soft pink. The light chevron striping and understated tone options make this rug versatile for either a boy’s room or a girl’s room.  

Lorena Canals Hippy

The Galleta

The scalloped edges and white polka dots of the Galleta rug add a whimsical touch to any room, while the neutral color options, gray and beige, give you freedom to add any other colors to your decor.

Lorena Canals Galleta

The Mix

The Mix rug is another awesome neutral option! With a simple, dimensional pattern and three color options, The Mix is an understated statement piece for your nursery or play room. Available colors include Sand Beige, Stone Gray, and Flamingo Pink.

Lorena Canals Mix

The Degrade

The degrade rug comes with tassle detail on the corners of the rug, and is available in gray or emerald. It fades from a darker, more saturated color to a lighter color.

Lorena Canals Degrade

Rugs with Fringe

Fringe detail on a rug adds a fun texture, and these patterns give a bedroom, living room, nursery, or other room a cool focal point. From left to right: Bereber in Beige, Black with Beige Diamonds, and Stripes Coral Pink.

Lorena Canals with Fringe  

Other Patterns

Lorena Canals also offers some really fun patterns and shapes to give your rooms diversity. Shown below: American Flag, World Map in dark gray and light gray, Cars Multi on Beige, and the Puntilla. 

Lorena Canals Puntilla

Get yours today before they're gone!

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