Gadgets to Satiate Your Thirsty Littles

Gadgets to Satiate Your Thirsty Littles

Mamas, let's talk about our transition from bottle to something a little more grown up: the cup. There are hundreds of different kinds of cups - from straws, to sippy lids, to newer pressure sensitive lids - and all these choices can seem a little overwhelming! Every little one is going to like something different, and it may take some trial and error to come up with the perfect cup for your babe, but here's one of our Baby Cubby faves sure to work for you!

Boon Snug Spouts

Ever get the urge to cry because you have a bunch of different cups that will only fit special lids? Dry your eyes, mama! The Boon Snug Spout is the dream come true for your sippy cup woes. This all-silicone lid will fit most standard size cups and is spill-proof for our little ones who still need a little help. They are super easy to use and clean, and they are also dishwasher safe! These are the perfect thing to keep in your diaper bag for when you're headed out and need to slap on some spill-proof power on the go!

Skip Hop Straw Water Bottle

If your babe is more of a straw lover (mine is obsessed) then this is the perfect cup for you! Kids love to feel like they’re all grown up, and drinking from one of these adorable Skip Hop Straw Water Bottles makes it even more fun! These kid-friendly water bottles have a flip top lid that keeps that straw clean when you’re not using it, and for keeping spills to a minimum. There’s also a convenient little strap that you can velcro onto diaper bags, strollers, or even onto your little one’s backpack if they’re big enough to be going to school (choke back sobs).

Puj Phillip Cups

This cup is loved by kids and parents alike! Puj Phillip Cups come in four different colors, and come with a cute holder that can go right on your fridge, making it perfect for the mama who is sick of filling up the dishwasher with 14 lightly used cups at the end of the night. Your little ones will love to choose their color at the start of the day, and hang it up when they’re not using it. Mamas will love that they are BPA freedishwasher safe, and the hooks won’t cause any damage to your fridge. These cups are the perfect choice for your older kids who’ve got a little more control over what goes in their cups and their mouths!

These are some cups that we are sure that you'll love as much as your little ones! So sit back and share a drink with your little one, Mama! XO

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