Gathre Around: New Arrivals from Gathre

Gathre Around: New Arrivals from Gathre

Gone are the days of searching and searching for baby products to match your personal style! Gathre creates gorgeous and functional products in stunning hues to coordinate with any aesthetic.

Not only are their products beautiful, Gathre mats are so extremely versatile! They are the ultimate multi-tasking product. Because they are created from a bonded leather material, they easily wipe clean and are water-resistant. I think we can all agree those two qualities should be requirements for all baby products! Additionally, they are ethically made and free from toxins and chemicals. They come in a range of shapes and sizes and have endless uses!

Micro Mats

Micro Mats are best known for their use as a changing mat, but they also make the perfect placemat mat, baking mat, a mat for under the plants, etc.! Gathre has appropriately named it their "everything mat."

Gathre has also welcomed the Micro+ Mat to the family, which is slightly larger than the original Micro Mat, meaning it will accommodate your growing baby. Both Micro Mats have a compact fold and will fit in your purse for easy portability.

Mini Mats

Make mealtime clean-up a little easier by adding a Mini Mat under the highchair to catch inevitable messes. Use it under your babe during tummy time. It also makes the perfect table cloth for your child's art table. Again, there are dozens of uses of this mini, but mighty, mat!

Midi Mats

What's great about the Midi Mat is that it's small enough to pack for a picnic, while still being big enough to accommodate your whole family. Or use it at the beach and easily wipe away sand at the end of the day. It's perfect for any adventure you can think of!

Maxi Mats

The Maxi Mat is perfect for doing what the original Gathre mat was intended for...gathering. It's large enough to seat 4 adults or 5 kids. Much like the Midi, the Maxi will be ready for any escapade.

You can shop these gorgeous products and more new arrivals from Gathre in store or online at

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