Gender Reveals You'll Want Forever!

Gender Reveals You'll Want Forever!

As soon as you find out you are pregnant, you automatically start wondering if your growing bundle will be a boy or girl, AND SO DOES EVERYONE ELSE!!  It's one of the most fun things I think about being pregnant...finding out what the gender is!

Part of the fun, for me, is letting your friends and family share in the joy with you as you find out what it will be.  With my first child, my husband and I found out with the ultrasound tech what we were having...a boy!!  I cried but tried not to let the ultrasound tech see because I felt embarrassed.  After that, my husband and I made a blue cake for our family to cut into.  It was fun; but, what was even more fun was with my second child, we had the ultrasound tech seal the results in an envelope and we delivered the envelope to our local bakery.  They made a cake for us with blue or pink frosting for us to cut into that night with our friends and family.  It was soo much fun to be surprised with everyone else.  We did the same thing with our third.  I personally think there is something about sharing that moment with those you love rather than the ultrasound tech :)

Because it is such an exciting time, we have rounded up some ideas from Pinterest and around the web on how to make the gender reveal something everyone will remember!

Here is an epic idea from Grey Likes Baby.  They had all their friends and family wear white shirts and close their eyes as they were given little cups of chalk dust.  At the count of three, they all threw up the chalk and opened their eyes!  How fun is that??? Not to mention, the photo op, right??

Style Me Pretty

PC: Style Me Pretty

Betty Crocker

PC: Betty Crocker

Who doesn't love cake?  And what's better than a cake that reveals the gender of your baby!?  This adorable ombre cake is courtesy of  Style Me Pretty and the surprise candy cake is from Betty Crocker. Have the ultrasound tech seal the results and deliver them to your favorite bakery!  Most bakeries have done gender reveal cakes and are super excited to be able to help out!  You might have to give them a couple days though, depending on your bakery, so take that waiting time into consideration!

This is an adorable take on the balloons in the box trend, love these pictures from The Wedding Scoop, the whole photo shoot is adorable!  This reveal packs a lot of punch and is fairly easy to do!  You'll just need a trusted friend to be able to set it up for you.  You can also do this for your older kids so they can have fun opening the box to see what their new sibling will be!

This is another dramatic reveal using a smoke bomb!  This idea is awesome if you have some wide open space you can utilize and a friend who can buy the right color for you.  This is also fun for a photoshoot like this couple did with Limestar Photography as an announcement!

If your family is in to sports, here is a super fun way to reveal the gender of your babe.  You can buy chalk filled baseballs on Etsy.  Have your friends and family watch from the dugout as the gender is revealed when the bat cracks the ball!  Follow it up with a fun picnic! So fun!

Another super fun way to get the guests all involved is to get silly string in blue or pink.  You'll have to have a friend take some time to cover up the label, and I think you can buy cans on Etsy that don't have the color written on the bottle specifically for this purpose.  This would be a blast!

Gender Reveal

PC: Shop Sweet Lulu

You can't go wrong with a big giant balloon filled with confetti, am I right?  The good thing is you can purchase these balloons and make it really easy on yourself.  Your older kids will have a fun time if you let them pop it :)  Get the balloon here at Shop Sweet Lulu.

Here is a super fun idea from The Bloom Diary blog.  This was a beautiful party with amazing food and then the mom and dad to-be stood on their marks and simultaneously threw a dart at the balloons to reveal the gender of their babe.  So much fun!  And I think they may have kept the canvas as artwork for the nursery!  Killing two birds with one stone, what a fun keepsake!!

Last but not least, I found a videographer who does gender reveal videos.

Here is the link for the Mediastalgia Productions gender reveal video.  They are a beautiful gift.  If you are throwing a gender reveal party, consider hiring a photographer or designating a friend or family member to capture the moments for you!  It really is one of the most anticipated times of your whole pregnancy and everyone can join in the fun and excitement!

Written by Callie Lippard
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This is so fun!! What incredible ideas!! I wish I had the patience to wait!

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